The Mutants Of Modiphius’ Fallout Get Ready For Raiding With New Previews

June 12, 2017 by brennon

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Fallout: Wasteland Warfare previews popped up again this week from Modiphius as we got a closer look at the Mutant faction in the game. Here you can see a run down of more of the characters that will be coming to this first faction and they all look brutal and raring for a scrap!

Fallout Mutant #1

We've not found out much more about the world of Fallout on the tabletop just yet but the models are looking fantastic. I love that we're getting loads of iconic weapons and items showing up as you see each of the different warriors heading to the tabletop.

Fallout Mutant #2

Fallout Mutant #3

Whilst I quite like the idea of playing as the Survivors and other Humans out there in the world I think that the Mutants are going to offer up lots more opportunities for interesting paint schemes. I have this thing in my mind right now about loads of warpaint and tattoos on models; if I can get the technique right!

Fallout Mutant #4

Fallout Mutant #5

As well as that you're also going to get a chance to practise how you paint rust and battle damage with these wild folk. I'd almost be tempted to paint the first fellow we looked at in this piece as Hulk from the new Thor film...he has something of the alien gladiator about him don't you think?

Mutant Mutts

In addition to the Mutants that you see here we also got to see some of their snarling and bloated Hounds too.

Fallout Mutant Hound

Once again, a great chance to work out how you want to paint skin and bloodied maws I reckon.

Fallout Mutant Hound (Alt)

One could imagine these dogs being quite the handful when it comes to the game on the tabletop. A few of these racing towards you is bound to put any soldier off his aim.

Talking of aim, it will be fun to see how they implement the VATS system into the game (if at all). What do you think they'll do?

Drop your thoughts below...

"I think that the Mutants are going to offer up lots more opportunities for interesting paint schemes..."

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