3D Print Valkyries, Priests & Sacrifices For Wargames Atlantic

February 28, 2023 by brennon

Wargames Atlantic have been showing off a whole host of 3D Printable miniatures for their Atlantic Digital offering over on MyMiniFactory. There are plenty of interesting options once again that cover Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Historical wargaming.

Valkyries - Wargames Atlantic

Valkyries // Wargames Atlantic

Leading the way we have this set of new flying miniatures for use in our Sci-Fi games. These Valkyries are designed as awesome female warriors bringing their Norse vibes to a Sci-Fi world somewhere. I think these would be bloomin' brilliant when used in a game world like that of Warpath. I think the style of the arms and armour works well with Mantic's aesthetic and it would be fun to see them soaring over the battlefield.

Kali Ma!

Moving to the Fantasy genre, you can also pick up a new set of Classic Fantasy Cultists to use in your Sword & Sorcery-style games.

Classic Fantasy Cultists - Wargames Atlantic

Classic Fantasy Cultists // Wargames Atlantic

You get a really awesome selection of bodies here that can be used to represent all sorts of terrible Cultists that have pledged themselves to the dark gods. These seem like they would be brilliant for games set in the world of Conan but I could equally see these popping up in Rangers Of Shadow Deep and Frostgrave too.

Skulls For The Skull God?

Running with the theme of sacrifices and the fury of the gods, you can also get yourself this set of Aztec Sacrifices that can be used in your Historical and Fantasy games.

Aztec Sacrifices - Wargames Atlantic

Aztec Sacrifices // Wargames Atlantic

You've got a good selection of the sacrificed and the sacrifiers here for you to choose from. Once again, these seem like like they would be perfect for those diving into creating interesting scenarios. Maybe you could play as a warband of Aztec warriors who are trying to save their comrades from being sacrificed by the opposing tribe?

The Power Of Christ Compels You!

Last but not least, you've also got a set of miniatures that would be brilliant for all sorts of Pulp adventures on the tabletop.

Priests - Wargames Atlantic

Priests // Wargames Atlantic

Considering that we've just seen trailers for The Pope's Exorcist pop up last week, this seems like an apt set to have arrived! It comes with a whole host of Priests who have been kitted out for dealing with all manner of demonic incursions. There is something exceptionally cool about mixing up the old with the new and rocking both a gun and a sword.

This is by no means the total offering from Wargames Atlantic for February and March. You can see more over on their MyMiniFactory Page. Additionally, if you want miniatures from their store printed you can also go to Only-Games!

What do you make of these new offerings from Atlantic Digital?

"...you get a whole host of Priests who have been kitted out for dealing with all manner of demonic incursions"

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