Adventure In Immense Digital Dungeons With Loke BattleMats

June 27, 2023 by brennon

Loke BattleMats are live on Kickstarter with their latest campaign to bring excellent roleplaying maps, tokens and more to the tabletop for use in the likes of D&D, Pathfinder and more. Immense Dungeons is their latest campaign which is focused on delivering digital maps for use with Virtual Tabletops.

Immense Dungeons Kickstarter - Loke BattleMats

Immense Dungeons Kickstarter // Loke BattleMats

At the core of the project is a new set of digital maps, tokens, tiles and more that can be customised and used with a variety of different dungeon-delving adventures. There are 1000-plus files included which you can use to design the maps of your dreams.

Digital Maps - Loke BattleMats

Digital Maps // Loke BattleMats

Depending on what level you come in at for this campaign, you can either get the quality tiles as they are or you can get them upgraded with Roll20 elements like dynamic lighting. This means that as characters move through the gloom, they will find themselves revealing aspects of your map as they go.

Immense Dungeons Live On Kickstarter!

There are a variety of different themes for you to choose from and all of the maps can be tinkered with and customised to your heart's delight. With so many folks playing their roleplaying games online right now, it's neat to have such an in-depth resource to draw on.

As well as the larger maps, you can also get your hands on the tiles and tokens which can be used to add more character to your maps.

Tiles & Tokens - Loke BattleMats

Tiles & Tokens // Loke BattleMats

These elements are so important for making intriguing dungeons to explore. You want to throw bits and pieces onto your tiles like tables, chairs, beds and the like which will then get players thinking about how they interact with them during gameplay.

It should also be noted that all of the elements seen here are provided as high-quality files meaning that they can be printed as physical maps if you like.

A New 5th Edition Adventure

As well as the maps and tiles, there is also a 5th Edition adventure for you to play that makes use of these game tiles. Snap up Into The Depths!

Into The Depths 5E Adventure - Loke BattleMats

Into The Depths 5E Adventure // Loke BattleMats

This is a D&D adventure for characters from 5th to 7th level which asks your heroes to work out just how far they can go before they have delved too deep! This sounds great and should be fun to run with these tiles once they've dropped into your inbox.

You can also get a look at some Free Samples from Loke BattleMats which you can test out before diving into this campaign.

Will you be checking out this campaign?

" can either get the quality tiles as they are or you can get them upgraded with Roll20 elements like dynamic lighting"

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