Antediluvian Ready The Outlaw King’s Scottish Defenders

November 1, 2018 by brennon

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Antediluvian Miniatures are going to be releasing some new War Of The Bruces Scottish warriors for you to use when holding back the invading English. This is all very well timed with Outlaw King coming out soon on Netflix.

Scottish Warrior #1 - Antediluvian Miniatures

They have been designing some cool characters that could lead your armies into battle. For example, here we have an armed fellow with banner at the ready and sword held high, guiding his men forward.

I have a bit of Scottish blood flowing my veins so it's rather awesome to see some of these fellows coming to life. As well as this leader character we also have a few more that have been designed and shown off on Facebook.

Scottish Warrior #2 - Antediluvian Miniatures

All of these fellows look nice and dynamic, which is something you shouldn't normally be able to say about rank and file soldiers.

I think these fellows would be great if you were playing a more skirmish-based game like SAGA where you show off the fighting that happens after the ranks close on each other.

Here we also have the Musician for the unit, blaring out a note on the wind to charge forth and take down some English scum.

Scottish Warrior #3 - Antediluvian Miniatures

I knew there was a reason that I back the Scottish as my second rugby team...

Last but not least the team from Antediluvian has also painted up some of the soldiers who have ranked up into a full schiltron.

Scottish Spearmen - Antediluvian Miniatures

Those are looking rather awesome indeed! I can't wait to see more of their models ranked up and ready for battle.

The team from Antediluvian do some amazing work and they are able to work character into their rank and file soldiers just as they do with their leaders and the like.

Oh, and here is Outlaw King which is going to be out soon...

I think this is going to be rather awesome!

What do you think of these new Scottish fellows?

"I knew there was a reason that I back the Scottish as my second rugby team..."

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