Ashigaru & Emissaries! GCT Studios’ Bushido July Releases

July 2, 2024 by brennon

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GCT Studios have released their new miniatures for July and their awesome 35mm scale Fantasy skirmish game, Bushido. There are some great new characters in the mix as well as some rank-and-file soldiers joining the cause.

Ito Yudai - Bushido

Ito Yudai // Bushido

Leading the way, we have Ito Yudai who (funnily enough) serves the Ito Clan. Yudai is one of those people who can slither his way through the dangerous world of clan politics and is no stranger to backstabbing and betrayal. He brings a new style of play to the Ito Clan using his Impetuous Markers. He can frustrate and annoy your opponents as well as push your own warriors, combining those markers with Ki.

Next up, we're turning to a warrior of the Savage Wave in the form of Ogai The Sky Breaker.

Ogai The Skybreaker - Bushido

Ogai The Sky Breaker // Bushido

Ogai is a mighty and venerable member of the Savage Wave and is one of the biggest Oni ever sen. This makes him not just a deadly killer on the tabletop but also a wise leader. He has a healthy pool of health meaning it will take a while to chip him down. He also has an ability called Riazzur’s Flight which allows him to control and dominate the battlefield, sending his opponent flying as the name would suggest.

We then take a step into the world of the Minimoto Clan and the equally brutal close-combat fighters that they have within their midst.

Minimoto Koyama - Bushido

Minimoto Koyama // Bushido

Minimoto Koyama is a living legend who made an expedition into the underworld and suffered the shame of losing her armour. She salvaged what she could and then found a second suit which has alleviated some of the shame that she now feels but she will now go out of her way to fight alongside those Ashigaru who didn't desert her during that trying time. She can use the Kami, Aoi, to light up areas around her and hunt down camouflaged foes which she then dispatches with her axe and tetsubo. A rather impressive miniature and another reason why the Minimoto Clan are right up there in my estimations as the best faction in Bushido!

Rank And File

Talking of Ashigaru and the like, GCT Studios are also releasing a selection of "troops" for want of a better word who can fight alongside your legendary heroes like those above and help you come up with some new tactical combos.

Eddo Ashigaru - Bushido

Eddo Ashigaru // Bushido

For example, the Eddo Ashigaru of the Prefecture Of Ryu come with decent armour and both brutal and powerful attacks allowing them to turn into bruisers in the midst of combat. These fellows could be a great option for those who want to lock down an objective and make sure it stays under your control. You do pay for that staying power though so you'll need to do some tweaking when it comes to your lists.

The Temple Of Ro-Kan can't draw on the experience of the Eddo Ashigaru but it can rely on the Village Militia to fight by their side when the time comes.

Village Militia - Bushido

Village Militia // Bushido

Put yourself together a proper uprising! The Village Militia come with a very low Rice cost meaning that when you add them to your list, you might be able to overwhelm your opponent and give them too many targets to deal with at once. I quite like the idea of one mighty hero for the Temple Of Ro-Kan stirring these villagers into a frenzy and getting them to fight back, perhaps against the likes of a Cult Of Yurei threat.

Last but not least, we have the Whale Hunters for those playing as the Jung Pirates.

Whale Hunter - Bushido

Whale Hunters // Bushido

The Whale Hunters have a decent harpoon-based ranged attack but it also means that they can jab at their opponents with the aid of reach. They also have the ability to add Bleed as a condition to their enemies which works really well with their sharky allies. When blood is in the water, they can go to down and thrash about with abandon.

All of these miniatures are available for you to scoop up from the GCT Studios webstore right now, building on the already immense collection of miniatures that can make up your Bushido warbands. The combinations are endless!

What do you make of these new releases for Bushido?

"A rather impressive miniature and another reason why the Minimoto Clan are right up there in my estimations as the best faction in Bushido!"

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