Tackle The Barons’ War II On Kickstarter With Hobday & Hicks

April 27, 2020 by brennon

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Hobday & Hicks (still a cool name for a cop show) are back on Kickstarter right now with their campaign to bring the miniatures of The Barons' War to your tabletops. This current project focuses on more from the Magna Carta conflict of 1215-1217 and gives you options for both sides of this Historical period.

Barons War 2 Main Image - Hobday Games

This collection of miniatures provides you with the core array of troops and characters for you to play out the clashes between warring factions during this period of unrest. Whichever side you want to support, you can paint the various models from this campaign to suit your needs.

In addition to that, the miniatures will also work perfectly well for those looking to take their soldiers on a Crusade. For example, Hobday suggests that they would be great for the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Crusades (so quite a long period of time!).

Options & Stretch Goals

Whilst the campaign is broken down into smaller offerings, this Retinue/Rebel pledge gives you a look at a lot of the new options that Paul Hicks has been working on.

Barons War 2 Main Pledge - Hobday Games

The set provides you with a lot of mounted troops as well as plenty of foot knights for when the fighting gets grizzly. You've also got plenty of regular folks who have been called to fight by their Lords and have taken up spear, axe and crossbow in order to prove their loyalty.

A lot of the options here obviously work well for games like SAGA or Lion Rampant but Andy Hobday has also been working on his own rule set as well. The Barons' War skirmish rules will be provided for free to backers (in PDF form) for you to tinker around with. It's in the alpha stages right now but it could be fun to tinker with it and give your feedback.

On the Stretch Goal front, a lot has already been unlocked and more options are being added as people pledge. It is neat that we're getting a few variants of sculpts to help give you a more individual looking warband on the tabletop.

Barons War 2 Stretch Goals - Hobday Games

Plus, if you pledge to the campaign before 6pm BST TONIGHT (April 27th) you'll also be able to get this free miniature as part of your support package.

Barons War 2 Free Miniature - Hobday Games

That is a neat little addition to the collection and free is always good. Hobday & Hicks have created some really great looking miniatures here for this campaign and they continue to tinker around in the background on rules and such to give you an excuse to use your toys on the tabletop.

This is certainly a period of English/British history which is of interest to me with proper infighting taking hold and families pitted against each other. We don't seem to see a lot from this period on the tabletop, especially at a smaller scale, and it would be great to see the rules in action,

Will you be backing this project?

"We don't seem to see a lot from this period on the tabletop, especially at a smaller scale, and it would be great to see the rules in action..."

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