Bolt Action’s Campaign Fortress Budapest Appears For Friday Pre-Orders

January 24, 2019 by dracs

Warlord Games have yet more pre-orders coming out for Bolt Action, including the latest campaign book Fortress Budapest.

The Siege of Budapest

The latest edition of Bolt Action Campaign: Fortress Budapest goes up for pre-order this Friday (25th Jan), coming with a free Winter German frame.

This campaign book details the siege of Budapest as German and Hungarian forces stood against the encroaching Soviet armies.

The campaign books are a great way to liven up your Bolt Action games, letting you recreate some of the most engaging periods of history and field the armies involved in them.

Walzing Matilda

If you can't wait to get a pre-order in, the Matilda II Tank Troop is now up on the webstore.

The Matilda II was the only British tank to see service throughout WWII, starting out in Europe, before ending up in conflict with the Japanese. However, they are perhaps most well known for their role in the desert conflicts.

Of these two, I am particularly excited to hear more about Fortress Budapest. This is a part of the war which (surprise, surprise) I know practically nothing about, but the very set up for it promises for some gripping scenarios and I am interested in learning more about the events that took place.

Which part of WWII are you most interested in? 

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