The Bright Crusaders Hit The Blood Bowl Pitch From Forge World

April 15, 2017 by brennon

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Forge World has been working on a new Human team for you to play with when you get down to some Blood Bowl. Here we have the Bright Crusaders...

Bright Crusaders

These fellows are quite different from other Blood Bowl teams...

"The Bright Crusaders could be a truly great Blood Bowl team if it wasn’t for one serious handicap – they never, ever, cheat!

While other teams are preparing for the match by bribing referees, the Bright Crusaders are performing charity matches – a fact that will stop them winning a major tournament until they shape up and learn to play dirty!"

Sometimes it's nice to have a team of good guys although I imagine most of you are going to enjoy pounding them into the dirt rather than joining in on their charity performances.

Bright Crusaders (Close) #1

You can see more of the details on this team as we close in on the details of their faces here. Inside the set, you get two Catchers, two Throwers, two Blitzers and then six Linesmen plus some additional resin parts to upgrade them to fit your own desires.

Bright Crusaders (Close) #2

This effectively puts together the plastic set and the resin kits from Forge World. You don't have to use them as the Bright Crusaders however and you could make your own team up if you do wished.

What do you think of this set?

" some additional resin parts to upgrade them to fit your own desires"

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