Clash Of Spears Kickstarter Campaign Enters Final Hours

December 11, 2019 by brennon

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Clash Of Spears, which has stolen the hearts of many including our very own Gerry, is coming towards the end of its Kickstarter campaign over the next few hours.

Clash Of Spears Logo Main

Check Out The Kickstarter Here

Their campaign is focused around the idea of bringing you a set of rules which are easy for you to dive into if you're an Ancient Wargaming fan. They have plans for a whole host of different Ancient armies and with a focus around the idea of authentic and interesting clashes on the tabletop, it feels like it might be a bit more action-packed than normal. Gerry talked about the game that he has been trying out himself here...

It is well worth giving this a watch as we talk about the game, the ethos behind it and I think you'll agree it could well be a nice entry point therefore for someone who hasn't tried this period of wargaming before.

Armies On Parade

As well as the rules and the book, the folks behind Clash Of Spears also teamed up with Victrix to make a host of armies to get you started in the game.

Roman Republic Boxed Set

Carthaginian Boxed Set

Gallic Warband Boxed Set

Included within these sets you'll find everything that you need to get going and then some. What you have here is a nice core of troops and heroes to use on the tabletop plus some extras so you can swap things in and out as you see fit and dependant on the battles you're fighting.

Stretch Goals

The campaign has also been going great guns and so they have been able to unlock some neat options too for backers.

Clash Of Spears Unlocked Stretch Goals

Some new models, cool accessories and more have been dropped into the mix. One thing to note is that as well as what you see here as part of the campaign, Clash Of Spears has also caught the eye of plenty of other creators in the industry and 4Ground are going to be working alongside them to create some terrain to suit the setting.

Have you dived in on Clash Of Spears?

"Have you dived in on Clash Of Spears?"

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