Cowboys, Cannibals & Terrain At Gen Con For Wild West Exodus

July 29, 2019 by brennon

With Gen Con just a couple of days away the team at Warcradle are getting us prepared for all things Wild West Exodus. Firstly, a few new releases will be at the show and online including The Cowboys Posse.

The Cowboys Posse - Wild West Exodus

If you're looking for a group of gunslingers which embrace the 'Wild West' bit of this game then this is a good shout. Made from a mixture of cutthroats, bandits, outlaws and more they give you lots of options. So, when it comes to named characters you get Johnny Ringo, Bill Brocius, Misty Mimms, Frank "H-Bot 44" McLaury, Ike Clanton, Annie Mozee and Billy "Chef" Clanton.

Each of them has an engrossing background that you can ready more about HERE.

Forever Feasting!

As well as this band of cowboys there's also a monstrous new addition to the range with Legendary Vor Khet.

Legendary Vor Khet - Wild West Exodus

Here is one of the tales about just how this beast came to be...

"The most common story told by the locals is that Vor Khet was once of the Warrior Nation. A large man with a prodigious appetite, he preferred his own company beyond the plains. In the foothills of the mountains he hunted, fished and roamed free. But isolated from his kindred, he fell prey to a malevolent wraith that corrupted him both in mind and body.

Having fed him her dark energies, the spirit discovered Vor Khet's appetite remained unsated and so she unleashed him on the world, to kill and devour any living creature that crossed his path. Darkness is no obstacle for this creature as, almost blind, he senses the beat of the heart, the quickening of breath and can taste the tang of blood in the air. Once Vor Khet hunts you, your doom is all but certain. Your fate is to be ripped apart in his toothy maw."

How lovely! You could have a lot of fun painting this fellow up, embracing the use of blood and gore to make him look as fearsome as this on your own tabletop.

Adventuring In Gloomburg

All adventurers need someone to go poking around and so the terrain range from Wild West Exodus is also expanding as they introduce more elements of Gloomburg into the equation. For example, you have the Cottage here which has seen better days.

Gloomburg Cottage - Wild West Exodus

Following on from the Cottage we also have some bigger terrain elements too including the Gloomburg Mill!

Gloomburg Mill - Wild West Exodus

The team at Warcradle have been putting in a lot of work to create some interesting and diverse landscapes to explore in Wild West Exodus and it's stuff like this which really makes games pop. You can put all the work in the world into your models but if you end up playing on a cereal box tabletop it can be a bit disheartening!

You can see a few more of the new Gloomburg terrain options available over the coming weeks HERE.

Community Involvement & Gen Con

As I mentioned above, Warcradle is going to be at Gen Con talking Wild West Exodus and much more.

Warcradle Studios_at Gen Con_Facebook_1200x630

Get your fill of what's happening HERE and also if you'd like to be involved in deciding what the Festive Miniature for this year is going to be you can also find out more HERE.

Wild West Exodus_Decide The Festive Miniature_Facebook_1200x630

There should be something for everyone coming out from Warcradle over the coming month!

Will you be snapping up some Wild West Exodus goodies?

"Will you be snapping up some Wild West Exodus goodies?"

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