CROM: Conan Rise Of Monsters Returns To Kickstarter Today

June 13, 2017 by brennon

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Later today the world of CROM: Conan Rise Of Monsters from Pulposaurus Entertainment is going to be coming back to Kickstarter. The campaign is set to launch at 12pm EST which works out as 5pm BST and it will feature these pre-painted army sets...

Circle Of Iron Miniatures

The Circle Of Iron (shown above) is the set you will get for those who like Conan and the forces of good. It features King Cona himself alongside a range of warriors and that epic war mammoth. The Legion Of Set is reserved for those followers of Thoth-Amon.

Legion Of Set

It will be neat to see how these models look close-up with their pre-painted colour schemes. I could imagine gameplay being a huge factor in people diving into this game too as if it has a nice pick-up-and-play feel to it then it might go down well.

Reaper Terrain

You might remember that Pulposaurus were working with Reaper Miniatures to bring this project to life and that's where the terrain pieces come in that you can see above.

Tree Of Woe

Each of the terrain pieces comes as in unpainted resin and gives you a focal point for your fighting on the tabletop. They all come with rules like the Tree Of Woe above or the Tower Of The Elephant below.

Tower Of The Elephant

It's neat to see more people looking at terrain as a part of the battlefield rather than just obstacles.

Barrow Mound

It seems like these terrain pieces are going to be Add-On products for the Kickstarter campaign, helping you furnish a tabletop and working as the hobby aspect of this game since the miniatures come pre-painted.

Will you be checking this out later today?

"...if it has a nice pick-up-and-play feel to it then it might go down well"

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