Crooked Dice Preview New Villains & Moon Crews For 7TV

February 22, 2023 by brennon

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Crooked Dice has been previewing some of the new Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures that are going to be added into the mix for 7TV and beyond in the month of March. Leading the way is one of my favourite miniatures, the impressive Abomination!

Abomination - Crooked Dice

Abomination // Crooked Dice

A previous version of Abomination is available already over on the 7TV webstore but this new take on the character is going to show you this fellow at the height of his power. He has an eight-pack for one which is just wild. He seems like the perfect mega-villain for your next roleplaying or skirmish-wargaming campaign.

This fellow will be added to the Beastman range in March and was sculpted by James Sherriff and painted by Simon Bradley.

Crew Your Moonbase

The second set of miniatures coming up for March are the Moonbase Crew who get their second set of figures.

Moonbase Crew 2 - Crooked Dice

Moonbase Crew 2 // Crooked Dice

Moving from Fantasy, this is very much a Sci-Fi staple of pretty much any tabletop that you might want to set up. Some Moonbase Crew miniatures exist already and this is a nice way to bulk that out and offer up some fun options for your next 7TV adventure.

The retro awesomeness of Crooked Dice continues to astound and give folks a great way for you dive into an alternative set of wargames from the norm. Not all of your adventures on the tabletop have to be grimdark!

Could you be tempted by the likes of the Abomination in March?

"The retro awesomeness of Crooked Dice continues to astound..."

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