Crooked Dice Find All Sorts Of Trolls For 7TV Fantasy

May 27, 2020 by brennon

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Crooked Dice are still firing things up for their 7TV Fantasy Kickstarter and one of the elements of that is going to be a big ol' band of monsters. They have been looking to the work of Iain Colwell and his Trolls which got previewed this week.

-5ece25392049e--5ece25392049fTrolls Main - Crooked Dice.jpg

This selection of different monsters come in a few different styles. The first one (shown above) is very much in line with the design from Dungeons & Dragons and Monster Manuals of old. I like this look as it matches well with the older miniatures out there in the classic dungeon-delving sphere.

You've also got something a little more Ogre-ish with some of the other designs. These sculpts would work with a lot of Oldhammer ranges and I could see them popping up in Warhammer games and role-playing adventures.

-5ece25363b440--5ece25363b441Trolls #2 - Crooked Dice Games.jpg

You could even make a case for the fellow on the right being turned into an Ettin during your games as well if you were a big fan of the style and wanted to reuse the model in a different way during your games. Finally, we also have these furry fellows who certainly have me shouting "Troooooool" in a Scandinavian accent.

Trolls #3 - Crooked Dice Games

Again, this is a very different look and design but it certainly flows with the idea that 7TV Fantasy could be played in all manner of ways. I think these would be a very good match for ranges by the likes of Lucid Eye who want to take a more quirky approach to Fantasy tabletop gaming.

What do you make of these new Trolls who are going to be stomping onto the tabletop soon?

" certainly flows with the idea that 7TV Fantasy could be played in all manner of ways"

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