Durgin Paint Forge Preview More Stunning Lost Court Elves

October 15, 2019 by brennon

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Durgin Paint Forge last week showed off their work on a new set of Elves for the world of Inneath. They have now stepped things up with a preview of one of their Guardian Elves who is riding about on the back of a Tapejara Wellnhoferi.

Elf On Tapejara #1 - Durgin Paint Forge

The idea here is that this fellow is one of the Elves that would patrol the borders of The Fairy Court. No-one and they mean no-one, is allowed inside the realm of the Elves and they react with brutal consequences against those who overstep their mark.

Again the focus here was to create Elves that felt like they were inspired by old Norse, Gaelic and Saxon myth. These Elves are mysterious and dark from a culture which is rich and deep but in an almost alien way. They also have a great mistrust of anyone who is not of their kin, a lot like the mythos you find in Wood Elf forces in other games.

Elf On Tapejara #2 - Durgin Paint Forge

Also, they ride around on the top of awesome dinosaurs! This leads us to believe that we're going to be seeing Durgin Paint Forge at least painting these up in vivid and colourful style. As things stand this is the first character from the range finalised and I for one cannot wait to see what else they have waiting in the wings.

What do you make of their character design here?

"I for one cannot wait to see what else they have waiting in the wings..."

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