Fantasy Flight Gives Us A Closer Look At The Daqan Of RuneWars

March 1, 2017 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games is giving us a closer look at the Daqan of RuneWars: The Miniatures Game in the run-up to the release of the game very soon indeed. See what you think of their characters and models as we check out their artwork and miniatures...

Kari Wraithstalker

We lead off with the character from the set, Kari Wraithstalker, who you can see here atop her rather wonderful looking scenic base. They really have captured the artwork nicely and it's good to get a look at these models in closer detail.

Kari is incredibly quick and also benefits from having a ranged attack too, something the rest of the Daqan force doesn't have at its disposal. She has rerolls and damage buffs aplenty and even allows you to bring in the Latari Elves to join the fighting. They aren't out yet, but they are just around the corner.

Rune Golems

Next up we're looking at another of the big units for the Daqan, their Rune Golem.


The Rune Golem is the model that really sold me on the world of RuneWars as a miniatures game. This is one of those centrepiece miniatures that really draws the eye. In combat, they dish out a crushing amount of damage and can even help your force by stunning your opponents for other warriors to gain an advantage.


Next, we move onto the core troops of the Daqan with their Spearmen.


The real benefit of the Spearmen is that they are versatile in battle. They have a number of different options open to them where they can either go on the fully offensive or try their hand at being defensive instead. Their ability to gain inspiration tokens means they can shake off conditions and stick around in the fight that little longer. Also, the models look epic!

Oathsworn Cavalry

Last but not least, we have the Oathsworn Cavalry.

Oathsworn CavalryOnce again we have some cracking looking models coming to life for this game and here is where we see more versatility for the Daqan too. You will want to be charging into battle with these knights, as you might imagine, as when they smash into the enemy ranks they are able to shake and panic the enemy.

Their heavy armour makes them hard to shift in combat too. With a standard defence of two, you will need to inflict two damage to do wounds to them. Not bad!

Do you think you'll be playing as the Daqan when RuneWars hits?

"The Rune Golem is the model that really sold me on the world of RuneWars as a miniatures game..."

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