Fantasy Flight Set You Up For A Netrunner Bout With New Mat

May 27, 2016 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games have always produced some wonderful mats and this latest one for Android: Netrunner is no different. Here we have the System Breach Two-Player Mat which gives you the space for two players to duke it out on the tabletop...

Netrunner Play Mat #1

As you can see here it has space for your Rig, Servers, decks and discard piles. It 'should' be enough space but for those of you who play NBN and Shaper this might not be enough room! Still, it's a funky way for two players to share the same play space.

Netrunner Play Mat #2

I could see these being fun when used at tournaments or when you and a partner at home really get into Netrunner and would like a stylish place to play your games. I like that the areas are coloured appropriately and also have space on the Runner side for Resources and Connections, Hardware and of course your Programs.

It might be the case that I end up picking this one up - can never have too many mats.

What do you think?

"'s a funky way for two players to share the same play space"

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