Fire & Faith! The Guardians Of Malta Come To Carnevale

September 21, 2022 by brennon

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Faith and fury come to the world of Carnevale as TTCombat has revealed a bunch of releases that will be arriving on their webstore this weekend. We start with the Guardians Of Malta who are looking a little wild.

Guardians Of Malta - Carnevale

Guardians Of Malta // Carnevale

As Malta burns, only true miracles can save those still trapped within. The Vatican stepped in and rescued many of these bedraggled knights and they are now fighting battles in the streets of Venice. They are led by the Angel Of The Blooded Rose but you also get a Burning Saint, Baptist and two Chevalresses in the set. This is looking super awesome.

I like that you have the blood-soaked Angel leading the way, her white robes daubed in the blood of her foes. The flaming saint who feels like she has levelled up in a video game also just shouts epic in my opinion. It's nice seeing how that is contrasted by the rather prim and proper followers that have come into battle alongside these saintly beings.

I really like introducing characters of fire and faith into my tabletop games. I'm not particularly religious myself but delving into worlds where literal gods and mythic deities have a direct effect on the events of humans means there is something awesome about a paladin or knight using faith to smite demons.

Feeling A Bit Crabby?

As well as the Guardians Of Malta, there is also this mammoth creature in the form of Brachyura.

Brachyura - Carnevale

Brachyura // Carnevale

This fellow was revealed back during the Kickstarter days of Carnevale and is now going to be clacking over the flagstones in order to fight for the Rashaar. The creature is looking fantastic and I reckon would be a brilliant miniature to paint. Organic and natural armour is a joy to paint and I like the idea of working on teeth and claws too!

Fancy Carnevale Terrain

Finally, there is also a brand new terrain set with the Modular Fondaco Dei Turchi.

Modular Fondaco Dei Turchi - Carnevale

Modular Fondaco Dei Turchi // Carnevale

This big set of terrain is going to be perfect for those building up a fantastic naval setting for your games of Carnevale. It would also work in 28/32mm wargames of all sorts if you want something fascinating.

I could imagine some folks rushing across the roof as they try and scarper away with a treasure stolen from a docked ship. It would also be nice to have in the background for taking photos I reckon!

Are you tempted by these brand-new miniatures for Carnevale?

"They are led by the Angel Of The Blooded Rose..."

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