Happy Halflings & Necromunda Heroes Arrive This Weekend

May 20, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop and Forge World have been working away on some awesome goodies for those enjoying their Specialist Games. The first release for this weekend is a new Halfling team for Blood Bowl.

Halfling Blood Bowl Team - Forge World

The team is exceptionally characterful and offers up a nice look back at the Old World and its weird awesomeness. Every single one of the players here is very well detailed and absolutely full of character.

As a team which is usually getting beaten up, it's nice to see that replicated across the collection too. There are plenty of bruises and scrapes across this hungry team. Also, I still love the Halfling who has trained his pet squirrel to help him in his endeavours.

As well as the team a whole bunch of accessories and such will also be available to complete the look.

Treemen & Tasty Treats

As well as the team itself it looks like we're going to be getting some Made To Order goodies too. The first of these previewed is the old Blood Bowl Treeman.

Blood Bowl Treeman - Games Workshop

It might not be as dynamic as the new one but it certainly provides you with a frightening prospect as the opposition. Whilst, of course, this Treeman has been designed for use in Blood Bowl I think that it would also work nicely away from the Fantasy Football pitch as well.

If you're looking to fling hotpots at your enemies there's also this awesome kit too.

Halfling Hotpot - Games Workshop

This used to be the mainstay of an Empire army, well...if you included some Halflings anyway. You could have this added into the mix, flinging all sorts of weird stuff at the enemy as the Empire soldiers do the proper work.

Jerico & Scabbs

As well as these new additions and forgotten projects for Blood Bowl and the Old World we also see the release of Kal Jerico & Scabbs this weekend.

Kal Jerico & Scabbs - Forge World

This pair were the stars of a range of books and plenty of comic books too. Both of them are looking awesome and I have no doubt that they are going to be going on all sorts of adventures throughout the Underhive across many tabletops.

Kal Jerico - Forge World

Whilst we've been seeing some questionable painting across some of the Forge World releases (still better than mine though!) I think that the work on Kal Jerico, Scabbs and the Halfling Team has been top notch.

Scabbs - Forge World

I would really like to see a set of scenarios developed specifically for this pair. I'd love the idea of leaving the gang wars behind and having these two delving into all sorts of adventures together for a solo-player and/or cooperative experience.

Maybe this is something that the Inq28 community could work on?

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