Horus Heresy Weekender Reveals New Miniatures & More

February 4, 2019 by brennon

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Forge World showed off more of what is coming to the tabletop for Horus Heresy fans over the coming months this past weekend. It looks like there will be plenty for everyone, Loyalist or Heretic, but the first thing we wanted to look at is this alternative diorama version of Sanguinius.

Sanguinius Diorama Base - Forge World

This take on him makes a lot more sense when you see the scene in its entirety. Armed with the Spear of Telesto you can see how the pose looks more practical now, as does the way the legs have been posed. I still think that there will be people who don't like the look at all but I don't think it's as bad as all that.

If you swap out the sword for the spear and get the diorama base in the special edition pack I think you'll be alright. Admittedly, that isn't an option for a lot of people but then again neither is the entire Horus Heresy Character Series considering the buy-in for a lot of these. The spear, incidentally, will be included with the regular version of the miniature.

The Legions Grow

As well as the news about Sanguinius we also got to see the work going into a number of different Legions. The White Scars are getting themselves some new Praetors and perhaps more in the future.

White Scars Praetors - Forge World

The Space Wolves have also got more figures to make them even cooler than they were before. The Deathsworn can be thrown into the mix alongside a Space Wolves Legion, those who embraced the Curse Of The Wulfen before it became truly horrific.

Deathsworn Space Wolves - Forge World

These fellows look mean and almost Chaotic, which I think is awesome. You can just imagine them being tolerated alongside the rest of the Legion (or perhaps lauded!) as they charged into battle. They remind me of Slayers in some ways from the Dwarf armies of old.

Going back to Blood Angels for a moment, we also got a look at Raldoran, the man who became the first Chapter Master of the Blood Angels after the death of Sanguinius.

Raldoran - Forge World

Here he is wiping some Daemon blood from the end of his power sword (surely a dangerous task in of itself?!). I'm not sure I like the 'yellow gold' trim here for the Blood Angels and I'd probably paint him in a different way, but I think the pose is commanding and cool.

Necromunda Wyrdness

There were also some additional highlights for those who like their Necromunda. A new Bounty Hunter has been offered up called Baertrum Arturos. There's also the strange Ortruum 8-8 and Thaetos, both powerful Wyrds which can help to mess with things in an altogether more creepy way.

Necromunda Bounty Hunters - Forge World

If you were wanting more Squats then Forge World also delivered with the addition of Ragnir Gunnstein. As an Ammo-Jack this takes the number of Squats in Necromunda up to two! You'll soon have enough to run a full gang...

Squat - Forge World

If you're feeling quirky you can also throw some Bomb Rats into the equation to see if they make anyone's day any better.

Bomb Rats - Forge World

House Cawdor will be very happy with these new options. I think they are hilarious and very, very Necromunda...perfect for giving you a flavour of the craziness that exists within this much more colourful and brash corner of the 41st Millennium.

I really like that Necromunda is growing as it is, offering up new characters that are just perfect for those looking to explore the role-playing opportunities in Warhammer 40,000 too. Most of the new characters would be great for those playing Inquisitor28 and games like Wrath & Glory.

There's a lot more from Forge World to dive into over on their blog from the weekend HERE so if fancy getting to know what's up with Adeptus Titanicus and more, you can indulge yourself.

Will you be checking this lot out?

"I really like that Necromunda is growing as it is, offering up new characters that are just perfect for those looking to explore the role-playing opportunities in Warhammer 40,000..."

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