Impact! Saving Lost Kickstarter Miniatures In New Campaign

September 19, 2018 by brennon

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Impact! Miniatures are running quite a different Kickstarter campaign right now which looks to bring lots of Lost Miniatures back from the dead!

The Lost Minis - Impact Miniatures

As you might have guessed from the title, this campaign is looking to bring back to life miniatures from campaigns that failed, or just didn't manage to unlock certain stretch goals as part of their project.

The Lost Minis #1 - Impact Miniatures

There is a vast array of different miniatures here with multiple different themes attached to them. Some of them are focused around Fantasy whilst others look towards Sci-Fi and beyond.

The Lost Minis #2 - Impact Miniatures

There are over 100 different models as part of this campaign and you're focus could be on just a small selection of these characters and monsters or maybe the whole lot if you prefer diving straight in.

The Lost Minis #3 - Impact Miniatures

This is a really fun idea and means that you could end up with some very unique looking miniatures for your army. If you're a big fan of collecting random miniatures for your skirmish games then this might be one that you look into in more detail.

Do you see anything that you might be tempted by?

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