Kickstart Masterful Lovecraft Characters By Chapter & Verse

March 18, 2019 by brennon

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Workhouse Games are on Kickstarter right now presenting their new Kickstarter for a range of Chapter & Verse miniatures for painters, hobbyists, role-players and more. Come and check out The Dreams In The Witch House.

The Dreams In The Witch House - Chapter & Verse

This collection comprises seven different characters, all in high-quality resin, which cross the gambit of Lovecraftian and Cthulhu-style creations. Of course, Lovecraft himself has been included.

HP Lovecraft - Chapter & Verse

The series of characters presented by Workhouse Games cover all sorts of different styles with some being horrific and monstrous whilst others look fiendish or even hapless.

The Black Man - Chapter & Verse

One of the biggest miniatures included within the collection is the Nyarlathotep which stands at an impressive 100mm tall. You can see more of these characters and that particularly monstrous beast over on the Kickstarter page if you missed it earlier, HERE.

Keziah Mason - Chapter & Verse

This seems like a good excuse to not only paint up some of the strange characters from Lovecraftian lore but also learn about them too. One of the cool things about figures like these is that they inspire a sense of wider learning around a subject, giving you an excuse to maybe pick up a few new books along the way!

Make sure to go and find out more about this campaign which also includes an optional Easter treat with their bunny-themed Cthulhu in chibi form.

Who wouldn't want a funky chocolate-loving Cthulhu?

"Who wouldn't want a funky chocolate-loving Cthulhu?"

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