Knight Models Unleash The Suicide Squad In March Releases

March 14, 2022 by brennon

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Some great new miniatures have popped up on the Knight Models webstore this week for both their Batman Miniature Game and the DC Universe Miniature Game. We start with a movie version of The Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad - Knight Models MOVIE

The Suicide Squad // Knight Models

This set comes with a whole host of utterly deranged killers and misfits that have turned heroes. I like that these miniatures have been posed as if they are in the midst of the action, something that I think is pretty key when you're making skirmish game characters. They also seem to have captured the actors' likenesses exceptionally well I think!

You might see some missing elements to The Suicide Squad. Have no fear, King Shark is also available separately.

King Shark - Knight Models 22

King Shark // Knight Models

You can also pick up Peacemaker separately from the rest of The Suicide Squad as we mentioned last week. If you've been waiting for this movie set to turn up then you're now very lucky indeed! It's nice to see these make an appearance and I can't wait to see how people tackle painting them.

Vigilante & The Red Latern Corps

Keeping with the theme of Peacemaker, there is a miniature for Vigilante popping up on their webstore this month as well.

Vigilante - Knight Models

Vigilante // Knight Models

Vigilante has been the name of many different people over the years so you can pick and choose the best way to introduce them to your games. An expert of hand-to-hand combat, Vigilante is prepped to kick some ass on the tabletop.

You can also give the Green Lantern something to deal with in the form of the Red Lantern Corps!

Red Lantern Corps - Knight Models

Red Lantern Corps // Knight Models

What a delightful bunch of individuals that are in no way terrifying...they have a cat though so they must be nice to at least a handful of people. I think the skulls and the blood might say different though unfortunately.

Are you going to be picking these up from Knight Models this month?

"If you've been waiting for this movie set to turn up then you're now very lucky indeed!"

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