Snag Limited Edition Luke Skywalker For Star Wars: Legion

October 27, 2020 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has dropped more details about the upcoming release of the Luke Skywalker Limited Edition Commander Expansion which is going to be available from Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS) later this year for Star Wars: Legion.

Luke Skywalker Commander Poses - Star Wars Legion

Luke Skywalker Commander // Star Wars: Legion

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This take on Luke Skywalker is based on his look from The Empire Strikes Back and allows you to mix and match a few different options for this plucky hero. You can choose to arm him with his lightsaber or blaster and then give him one of three different helmets.

If you're looking to include Luke Skywalker alongside your Hoth-based Rebel troops then this seems like it a good fit! I like that they've gone with a look which shows him off in his full flight suit and I think the posing is very fittingly heroic.

When it comes to the rules, this version of Skywalker is exactly the same as the one from the Star Wars: Legion Core Box. There are no changes to his rules on the included cards but they do feature new artwork as you can see.

Luke Skywalker Commander Cards - Star Wars Legion

Luke Skywalker Commander Cards // Star Wars: Legion

You will find updated artwork on all of his Command Cards plus a set of Upgrade Cards for him too. The only thing that stands in your way is just how you get this fellow in your hands! Currently, stores in the US will get a limited supply with their orders which can then be sold to anyone who wants one.

If you're not in the US the full guidelines haven't been discussed but one would imagine that FLGS are going to get them in small numbers and it will be first come first served! I can already see the forms that will need to be filled in if you want a chance of snagging this version of Luke Skywalker.

Do you like the new miniature and will you be crossing your fingers?

" would imagine that FLGS are going to get them in small numbers and it will be first come first served!"

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