The Many Faces Of Batman Arrive For Knight Models In April

April 21, 2020 by brennon

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Knight Models are continuing to power through the releases for the new edition of the Batman Miniatures Game. This month saw the release of a bunch of different Batman figures but two, in particular, were tied into a Dark Knight Returns bundle based on the work by Frank Miller.

The Dark Knight Set - Knight Models

This take on Batman shows a darker and more brooding version of the Caped Crusader (as if he could get any darker?). The iconic version of him on horseback is one that many will remember as he races to try and deal with the criminals he thought he had managed to leave behind to others. You'll also get a slightly updated and tweaked version of The Dark Knight on foot too with cape flowing in the wind.

Keeping with the Frank Miller theme, there is also a new pack which includes Batman in his Power Armour.

Batman Power Armour - Knight Models

Sometimes when the criminals up their game, you need a thicker set of armour. So, Batman here has clad himself in some new gear in order to go toe-to-toe with some of the big guns (literally) of Gotham. I think it's probably just the paint scheme but it does make Batman look a little thicc (as the kids say) too. Admittedly he isn't in the prime of his life in the Miller version of Batman but maybe he should have lain off the pies!

Allies Of The Bat

As well as the three takes on Batman above, the team at Knight Models also worked on some allies who will be helping him in his endeavours. At the head of this little outfit we have Oliver Queen & Carrie Kelley.

Carrie Kelley & Oliver Queen - Knight Models

After a showdown between Batman and Superman, Oliver Queen and Carrie Kelley come together to build a new Batcave and fight crime from the shadows in place of Bruce Wayne. Again, this builds on the expanded timeline of Batman and shows us what happens when Wayne hangs up his cowl.

For example, Kelley manages to inspire and train a band of vigilantes known as the Sons Of Batman who take to the streets to keep the city safe.

Sons Of Batman - Knight Models

I'm not entirely sure that Batman would have overly approved of their methods but they certainly "do the job" when The Caped Crusader isn't flitting between rooftops. If you're looking to really dive into this period of Batman's history then you have a lot of ways to do so now. It would be great to play through a campaign themed after this particular comic series.

What do you make of the new releases?

"Knight Models are continuing to power through the releases for the new edition of the Batman Miniatures Game..."

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