Meridian & Ana Polanšćak Bring Folk Horrors To Kickstarter

June 1, 2022 by brennon

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Meridian Miniatures' Andrew May has launched a new Kickstarter in conjunction with Ana Polanšćak who has created a brand new set of Folk Horror miniatures for use in your tabletop games.

Folk Horrors By Ana Polanscak - Meridian Miniatures

Folk Horrors By Ana Polanšćak // Meridian Miniatures

Ana Polanšćak specialises in creating distinctly macabre and grim miniatures for use in your tabletop games. To that end, this collection looks to bring miniatures to life inspired by European Folklore.

Folk Horror Miniatures By - Meridian Miniatures

Folk Horror Miniatures // Meridian Miniatures

This set of twelve strange and unique miniatures would be pretty good for those wanting to add another level of spook factor to their games. The Horse and The Cow for example would look particularly creepy shuffling through the woods, hunting down your poor band of hunters.

What's nice about the miniatures is that they feel like they have come from the pages of some old art book from the Medieval era. You could see them as scratched images, drawn from a fever dream. Perhaps a peasant just escaped "something" in the woods and described this to a panicked preacher who is trying to make sense of what dwells in the shadows.

If you're into your grimdark 28mm wargaming these would be great. I could see these in something like Frostgrave for example if you wanted to explore a haunted and wooded section of the old ruins of Felstad.

What do you make of the miniatures?

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