Michael Keaton’s Batman & More Swoop In From Knight Models!

July 4, 2023 by brennon

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Knight Models have released some awesome new 35mm scale miniatures for the world of Batman and DC this month! We start out with a bit of a look back through time at Batman of old with Michael Keaton's Dark Knight swooping down onto the streets of Gotham.

Batman Michael Keaton - Knight Models

Batman (Michael Keaton) /// Knight Models

A fantastic miniature that has managed to capture the likeness of the actor and the Batman suit from the period. I love the more measured design to the miniature and the pose should work really nicely in gameplay as Batman gets ready to square up and beat down some unlucky criminal.

Batman Returns Villains!

If you're looking to truly relive the era of Keaton's Batman on the tabletop then you can also pick up some villains! For example, maybe you could be tempted by the excellent Catwoman who was played by Michelle Pfeiffer.

Catwoman Batman Returns - Knight Models

Catwoman - Batman Returns // Knight Models

The miniature, again, looks great and she should be an excellent painting project for someone who wants to test themselves on that suit of hers! Prepare your whip and get ready to go pilfering from the high society of Gotham.

You can also pick up The Penguin! Based on the Danny DeVito version of the character, I think this became the definitive version of the villain for a lot of folks. I reckon he sits right next to the one from the Batman Animated Series.

The Penguin Batman Returns - Knight Models

The Penguin - Batman Returns //Knight Models

With two deadly villains to choose from and a Keaton version of Batman waiting in the wings, the stage seems to be set for those wanting to dive in and play out the movie on the tabletop. This seems like as good a reason as any to rewatch Batman Returns and plot out how you'd run the scenarios.

Suicide Squad Time!

As well as the Batman Returns era, we're also getting a bit more modern with the release of the Suicide Squad. This comes with all of the characters from the first iteration of the film meaning that you can replay those moments on the tabletop as well if you like.

Suicide Squad - Knight Models 23

Suicide Squad // Knight Models

The set comes with Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Katana, Diablo, Killer Croc and Slipknot. The bomb-riding Harley is pretty fun but I think the winner from this set has to be Katana. I really like the details on the sculpt and she has been painted up very nicely indeed.

What's your favourite Batman that you'd love to see in miniature form?

"What's your favourite Batman that you'd love to see in miniature form?"

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