Monster & Mercenaries Find Their Way To Age Of Sigmar: Warcry

September 2, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop is helping you expand your Warcry warbands with pre-orders coming this weekend for Monster & Mercenaries, an expansion supplement for the game which introduces iconic heroes and monsters into the mix.

Monsters & Mercenaries - Games Workshop

This book allows you to add characters into the mix alongside your regular warriors, much like Kill Team has done with its Commander and Elite expansions. As Warren mentioned on the Weekender this past Saturday, it seems a little early for them to have done this, but having more options is never a bad thing.

The book will introduce characters for your Chaos warbands as well as those from other Grand Alliances. You'll also find within its pages rules for fighting against some of the largest beasts in the Mortal Realms like the mighty Chimera.

Chimera - Games Workshop

This massive beast has been repackaged so that it comes with rules for using it in Warcry, opening up the array of different quests you can undertake. I do like a good monster hunt scenario and played many of them in Warhammer Skirmish and Mordheim!

I do like the idea of changing things up during a campaign where one player gets to take on the role of the monster as your warband struggles to bring it down.

Terrain & Warbands

As well as the release of Monsters & Mercenaries you've also got a new terrain set coming your way for the Ravaged Lands range. The Defiled Ruins gives you a new mat and terrain elements for creating new battlefields to hack each other to pieces on.

Ravaged Lands Defiled Ruins - Games Workshop

Additionally, previously available in just the Starter Set, the Untamed Beasts and Iron Golems are also going to be available as separate warband boxes. So, if you want to get converting or just didn't get in on the game with them, to begin with, you now have the chance.

Iron Golems & Untamed Beasts - Games Workshop

The monsters from the core box are also going to be available separately so if you fancy filling the battlefield with more of those critters you have that option too.

Warcry seems to be moving fast as Games Workshop keep you going with new offerings worthy of Archaon and the Chaos Gods. Maybe we'll see them working on new Chaos Warbands or dedicated sets for some of the other Grand Alliances in the future?

What do you make of the new goodies?

"What do you make of the new goodies?"

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