Ms. Marvel Brings Her Flexible Set Of Skills To Marvel Champions

October 9, 2019 by brennon

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The next expansion for Marvel Champions: The Card Game is going to be for the awesome Ms. Marvel who we've been seeing pop up a lot in Marvel-related content recently. Fantasy Flight Games gave folks a rundown of the new hero in an article and video (see above) this week.

Ms Marvel Hero Pack - FFG

As you might imagine from her set of abilities, being able to morph and tweak her form in order to suit any situation, she is a really handy hero to have in the mix when taking on nefarious villains. She can work in a number of different roles within your group and her ability when in Hero form allows her to reuse a lot of the cards she's just spent allowing you to bring together some really good combos.

Ms Marvel Hero Pack Card Fan - FFG

Her array of different attacks allow her to do some serious damage to foes or perhaps even stun them to prevent them from hurting your friends. She also can call on some great support in the form of her friends Bruno Carrelli and Nakia Bahadir which allow you to do some planning ahead and make getting certain cards into play a lot easier.

Whilst she comes with the Protection aspect in play with her deck right out of the box she is also a good fit for the Leadership aspect if you want to try something different. I can see her being a really fun character to add into the mix and it's good to see that Fantasy Flight Games aren't just picking the core heroes you'd expect to kick things off.

With Captain America dropping first followed by Ms. Marvel, it will be fun to see where they go next. I know a lot of people will be really excited to see Thor arrive (me included!).

Will you be picking up the Ms. Marvel Pack?

"With Captain America dropping first followed by Ms. Marvel, it will be fun to see where they go next..."

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