New Miniatures Haunt The Carpathians Of The Silver Bayonet

May 2, 2023 by brennon

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You can now head on over to the North Star Military Figures webstore and have a peek at the new range of miniatures coming out for The Silver Bayonet and The Carpathians: Castle Fier supplement by Osprey Games! McCullough's bloodsucking new addition to The Silver Bayonet needs some suitably deadly miniatures for your warbands to face off against!

Marcea Lupul - The Silver Bayonet

Marcea Lupul // The Silver Bayonet

Leading the way for this new expansion, we have the main antagonist of The Carpathians: Castle Fier supplement. Meet the dread Marcea Lupul who stalks through the mountains ready to cut you down to size with his mighty blade in hand. I sense that even with black powder now in the equation, it might be quite hard to bring Lupul down.

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Another of the main villains that you're going to be coming up against is the Forest Witch, Muma Padurii. Whilst many of them are protectors of the forests and woodlands that sit amongst The Carpathians, they often take their task to the next level and use the woodlands to cleanse all interlopers from its eaves.

Forest Witch - The Silver Bayonet

Forest Witch // The Silver Bayonet

Some wonderful-looking characters for you to throw into the mix when playing games of The Silver Bayonet and exploring the new campaigns that McCullough has put together. You can dive into the game either solo or cooperatively and take on some fearsome new individuals!

Other packs include the haunting Vrykolakas which you might have mistaken for gargoyles atop the battlements of a castle.

Vrykolakas - The Silver Bayonet

Vrykolakas // The Silver Bayonet

You then have the playful Pixies that might look like they are a barrel of laughs but will probably end up pulling your arms off and leaving you hanging from the trees. Fascinatingly terrifying in their comic appearance.

Pixies - The Silver Bayonet

Pixies // The Silver Bayonet

If you're looking to play around with some different foes then you also have a band of Cultists. You sense that these rather noble-looking fellows will end up finding it worth their while standing alongside the bloodsucking Lupul rather than trying to defy him. You could also imagine many of them are looking to catch his eye and perhaps the gift of eternal life.

Cultists - The Silver Bayonet

Cultists // The Silver Bayonet

Last but by no means least, you also have a set of extra miniatures for the likes of the Austrians in The Silver Bayonet. This is by no means everything that is available to you as there is a LOT more over on the North Star Military Figures webstore.

Austrians - The Silver Bayonet

Austrians // The Silver Bayonet

As well as some smaller sets like the ones shown above, there are also some bundle deals during this pre-order period that can be picked up as potential entry points into The Silver Bayonet. That means that you can get the new Castle Fier book and a bunch of miniatures to use when forming your warband and finding some enemies for them to face.

With the focus of this new supplement being solo and cooperative play, this could well be a good time to dive into the game alongside a friend and buy these miniatures between you and your buddy.

Could you be tempted to dive deeper into The Silver Bayonet with this new expansion and its miniatures?

"...there is a LOT more over on the North Star Military Figures webstore"

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