Don’t Be Hasty! New Plastic Treebeard Is On The March

November 23, 2020 by brennon

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Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game players were in for a treat this weekend as Games Workshop showed off the new plastic version of Treebeard which is going to be coming to the tabletop in the near future.

Treebeard - Middle-earth SBG

Treebeard // Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

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This is a mighty new miniature to celebrate the character from the books and of course the movie. The original miniature was fantastic but this one is particularly nice and I love just how much detail has been worked into every facet of him. You can almost hear him creaking, grumbling and groaning as he makes his way through Fangorn.

As well as being a stunning new miniature, Treebeard is a beast on the tabletop as well. You could do worse than to include him in your army as you assault the walls of Isengard or hunt down Orcs in the woods. Helping Treebeard we also have two new miniatures for Merry & Pippin too.

Merry & Pippin - Middle-earth SBG

Merry & Pippin // Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

You can assemble the miniatures for these two Hobbits atop Treebeard's branches or on the ground if you prefer. The "mounted" versions of Merry & Pippin can be removed and added as you see fit for the optimal narrative play.

The Middle-earth Strategy Battle game always threatens to draw me back in, especially with these new models we've been seeing of late. The design team behind the game has been doing a sterling job on it with all the supplements and such so there is plenty for avid Tolkien fans to enjoy.

Are you going to be snapping up Treebeard?

"...there is plenty for avid Tolkien fans to enjoy"

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