A Nightmare Quest & Freeguild Cavaliers For Age Of Sigmar!

May 1, 2023 by brennon

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The Mortal Realms of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar were not to be left out of the big array of previews from Games Workshop over the weekend. Starting things off, we have a new quest for those playing Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Warcry. The Stormcast Eternals are going to be heading off on a quest to destroy a foul band of "chivalric" nobles as part of the Flesh-Eater Courts.

Nightmare Quest - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Warcry

Nightmare Quest // Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Warcry

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The newest boxed set caps off the adventures in Ghur as the different warbands fight over the remains of a Seraphon ship. The secrets of Talaxis need to be kept out of the wrong hands and that means securing the Realmshaper Engines that lie deep within the Gnarlwood. Seeking to protect these secrets, the Stormcast Eternals of the Questor Soulsworn have been sent by Sigmar to bring his storm-wracked rage to bear against the Flesh-Eater Courts.

Questor Soulsworn - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Questor Soulsworn // Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

In many cases, the Knight Questors are able to deal with situations by themselves. Tasked by Sigmar to defeat a mighty foe or secure a lost relic, they travel the Mortal Realms in service of the God King. When the threat requires a crack team, you call on the Questor Soulsworn who have been clad in Thunderstrike armour, allowing them to head into the places where Reforging isn't particularly guaranteed. Led by one of the Relictors, they are each heroes in their own right and carry the weapons that they favoured when battling amongst the ranks of Sigmar's armies.

Pitted against them, and seeking to destroy the different relics that lie within the Gnarlwood are the maddened Flesh-Eater Courts and the Royal Beastflayers.

Royal Beastflayers - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Royal Beastflayers // Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Much like the rest of their kin, the Royal Beastflayers believe that they are actually noble knights and warriors of renown who have been given a sacred duty. They think they are clad in the finest armour and gifted with the best weapons when in fact they are wearing twisted bone and rusted metal. As well as the loyal "knights" there are also their hunting hounds and plenty of peasants for good measure. How low Bretonnia has fallen!

You also get that impressive ghoul who has been gifted with the strength and power of a vampire. Taking cues from the classic Strigoi that used to lead armies in The Old World, this fellow looks awesome. I am not a massive fan of the Offal Hounds (twisted, bestial ghouls) but the rest of the warband is looking great and this could end up being the set that I dive into.

Nightmare Quest is going to be coming out very soon and offers another fun entry point into Warcry whilst also finishing off the current "season" as you explore the Gnarlwood.

The Cities Of Sigmar Get Their Cavalry!

As well as a brand new boxed set for those diving into Warcry, there were also some new previews for those playing Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. The Cities Of Sigmar are getting their big update when it comes to plastic miniatures and the previews over the weekend showcased the new Freeguild Cavaliers.

Freeguild Cavaliers - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Freeguild Cavaliers // Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

With some vibes of the old Empire Knights from The World That Was whilst also having something of the Mortal Realms within their designs, this seems like a great mash-up that should suit the humans battling it out across The Mortal Realms as part of these great crusades.

I like that you appear to have some different "houses" for want of a better word amongst these knights. Each of them appears to bring something of their own realm to their arms and armour and it's great to finally see some updated miniatures for the poor mortals that have been tasked with fulfilling Sigmar's orders. A great start to the revamped Cities Of Sigmar.

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar - The New Storyline

Talking of the Dawnbringer Crusades that are undertaken by the mortals of the Free Cities, there is going to be a new narrative to explore. With new and reclaimed cities coming under the sway of Sigmar's armies, there are those that threaten this fragile new empire.

Harbingers- Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Harbingers // Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Harbingers offers up additional support and narrative for the different Grand Alliances of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. A new crusade is on the march and your fighting will end up heading to the realms of Aqshy and Ghyran. There are new characters coming out that as well that could provide the focal point for your unfolding narrative as you perhaps think about new armies at the same time!

Phlugoth The Miser - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Phlugoth The Miser, Harbinger Of Decay // Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Riding forth as the herald of Nurgle's wrath, Phlugoth is ready to reap souls and spread pestilence. I am getting vibes of the classic Nurgle characters from Warhammer Fantasy Battles and I could see this fellow finding some eager followers amongst those that live in Ghyran.

With Phlugoth leading the way for Chaos, Death calls on the talents of Sir Jerrion.

Sir Jerrion Marrowscroll Herald - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Sir Jerrion, Marrowscroll Herald // Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

The Flesh-Easter Courts are getting a good showing when it comes to miniatures at the moment and this fellow is going to be spreading the good word for his fellow "nobles". These Heralds travel the realms and whilst you might think that Jerrion is just out for meat and bone, there are rumours that he serves a higher power.

Last of a devasted hold, Fjori is going to be leading the way for the armies of Order. Armed with the fabled weapons of their now ruined holds, these "slayers" are out to deal out retribution and perhaps even start a new magmahold when the time comes. Others will end up finding doom and an end to their quest.

Fjori Grimhold Exile - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar NEW

Fjori, Grimhold Exile // Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

A great miniature for the Fyreslayers which haven't really seen an update since their first big release in the early days of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. If you like the idea of running essentially an entire army of slayers then this fellow could be for you.

Last but not least, Destruction are turning to Braggit Big-Talka and a Grot who has a way with words. As the name might suggest, they are good at summoning up the hordes of Greenskins that saturate The Mortal Realms.

Braggit Big-Talka Rabble-Rowza -Warhammer Age Of Sigmar NEW

Braggit Big-Talka, Rabble-Rowza // Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Call forth a Waaaagh! with this fellow and see just how many Gloomspite Gitz you are able to get to the tabletop. Who wouldn't want to pick up some more of those Bat-Squigs to add to their army as well?

These different characters are going to be introduced into the narrative alongside new Regiments Of Renown. These smaller warbands can be slotted into your Grand Alliance of choice and give you a thematic boost. A great way for you to either start off a new thematically relevant army or add some theme to your existing force.

Ride To War In Style!

Sticking with greenskins for a moment, there is also the new Maw-Grunta which is going to be battling across The Mortal Realms as part of an Ironjawz army.

Maw-Grunta - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Maw-Grunta // Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

There is always a bigger pig. This one comes with space for a rider on the back and also some additional platforms on the side where enterprising Ironjawz can stand and cut down their foes. As with everything greenskins, I could see this being turned into something fun for Warhammer 40,000 as well!

Off With Their Heads!

Finally, there was also a preview for another of the games set in The Mortal Realms. A new warband is on the way for those playing Warhammer Underworlds and they are aligned to Grand Alliance Death.

The Headsmans Curse - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

The Headsman's Curse // Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

The Headsman's Curse is a band of Nighthaunt that have found themselves coalescing around the magical blade known as Terminus. The theme here is that the warband is focused on chopping off heads from picking you out from the list to setting up the block, sharpening the sword and then finally landing that fatal blow. I love the narrative element of this warband and I think it would be fun to see how the tactics come together when they're used on the tabletop.

With quite the array of new Warhammer Age Of Sigmar releases on the way, could you be tempted to take a trip into The Mortal Realms?

Drop your thoughts below...

"The Stormcast Eternals are going to be heading off on a quest to destroy a foul band of "chivalric" nobles as part of the Flesh-Eater Courts..."

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