OnePageRules Release Elite Mummified Undead Warriors

October 16, 2020 by brennon

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OnePageRules continues to venture forth on their Patreon adventures for Age Of Fantasy as they added a whole bunch of new 3D Printable STL Files into the mix for the Mummified Undead.

Queen - OnePageRules

Queen // OnePageRules

The options this time around introduce another leader figure for your Mummified Undead plus some more elite options for your expanding army. Leading the way you have the Queen here who reigns on even in death. She seems like a powerful figure who is able to call on significant magical power in order to fuel her legions.

As well as the Queen you can also get your hands on these Guardians.

Guardians - OnePageRules

Guardians // OnePageRules

These Guardians seem like spiritual warriors which have been brought through from the ether in order to serve their masters. You could go with a paint scheme for them which is natural or you could maybe go for the idea of living statues which were animated and brought from their places guarding long-dead masters.

The Guardians come with a few different head options allowing you to match them to specific deities which you might want to support in-game. You could perhaps go with a little bit of a theme between different units depending on which leaders you have in charge.

Guardian Heads - OnePageRules

Guardian Heads // OnePageRules

Coming in last but not least for the Mummified Undead we also have these Mummies which should be at the heart of your army, perhaps guarding your leaders alongside the Guardians.

Mummies - OnePageRules

Mummies // OnePageRules

With an army themed around Ancient Egypt it makes sense that you'd find some of these in your army! I like the look of these for use in your Fantasy armies but of course, you could also use these in Fantasy Football games like Blood Bowl too. It's good to have the option!

Mummified Undead October - OnePageRules

Mummified Undead October // OnePageRules

All of the 3D Printable STL Files from OnePageRules now come 100% pre-supported meaning you don't have to worry about working all that out. Instead, you can just slide these into your software and hopefully get printing very quickly indeed.

There is a lot for you to get stuck into here with OnePageRule's Patreon and you should certainly look back over their previous releases HERE and over on MyMiniFactory. There is plenty for you to explore.

Are you tempted by these terrifying undead warriors?

"Are you tempted by these terrifying undead warriors?"

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