An Orc Rabble Gets Raised By Medbury Miniatures This Month

November 6, 2023 by brennon

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Medbury Miniatures has added another host of awesome 3D Printing releases to their Patreon for November. There are both Fantasy and Historical releases as always and this time, we start with their Fantasy offerings that focus on more Orcs and some Undead Elves in 28mm scale.

Orcs And Undead Elves - Medbury Miniatures

Orcs And Undead Elves // Medbury Miniatures

There are a range of new Orcs for you to pick up that can be used to build on your warbands. At the core of this are the Orc Rabble who can be armed with spears and shields. There are also options for these Orcs to rock some two-handed axes as well. You'll also find options for a banner bearer and some Orcs with a distinctly more martial feel to them. If you're looking to make more elite evil warriors then that might be the way to go.

Orc Rabble - Medbury Miniatures

Orc Rabble // Medbury Miniatures

A bonus for this month comes in the form of the Undead Elves. These are based on the design of the Elves Medbury Miniatures have previously produced, the Gwyrdgalas. You could see these being the unfortunate souls of the dead that died in some massive battle against a shadowy dark lord!

Undead Elves - Medbury Miniatures

Undead Elves // Medbury Miniatures

These look great and would be a solid choice for those wanting to add a few unique miniatures into the mix alongside their other Dead Marsh Spectres in games like the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

What's nice about this set of releases is that whilst they are available as STL Files over on the Patreon to be 3D Printed, you can also get these miniatures in good ol' fashioned metal over on the Medbury Miniatures Webstore. The idea is that this will end up being the case (for most releases) for the foreseeable future!

Historical Miniatures For November

On the Historical side of things, we're getting a bit of a mix. Most of these miniatures slot into the Dark Ages once again with some great options for Horsa and a band of Jutish Hearthguard for good measure.

November Historical Releases - Medbury Miniatures

November Historical Releases // Medbury Miniatures

You're getting some awesome mounted options in this set alongside some footslogging infantry that can be used to represent these warriors when dismounted or as an addition to your army in general. You also get Horsa himself getting ready to kick ass and take names.

Coming over from the recent Medbury Miniatures Kickstarter, you'll also get STL Files for Grendel and Grendel's Mother if you're wanting to do something distinctly Beowulf-ian on the tabletop. It doesn't look like these have quite made it over to the webstore in metal yet (as some of these are being delivered to Kickstarter backers soon) but I'm sure we'll see them pop up!

Could you be tempted by these new miniatures from Medbury?

" can also get these miniatures in good ol' fashioned metal over on the Medbury Miniatures Webstore"

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