More Osgiliath Terrain Kits On The Way For Middle-earth SBG

January 6, 2023 by brennon

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Games Workshop today previewed more terrain kits coming for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. Building on the terrain that was made available in the Battle Of Osgiliath boxed set, there are now going to be three separate sets made available soon.

New Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game Terrain // Games Workshop

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The new terrain is split over three sets starting with the release of the Gondor Ruins. These will be familiar to folks who dove into the Battle Of Osgiliath set.

Gondor Ruins - Middle-earth SBG

Gondor Ruins // Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

These look to offer up the same amount of modularity as the kits in the boxed set. You get a good selection of floors, walls and ruined sections to make some very impressive terrain for your Orcs and Warriors Of Minas Tirith to fight over.

Things get all the more interesting with the addition of some new terrain like that of the Gondor Mansion.

Gondor Mansion - Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

Gondor Mansion // Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

This seems to offer up a similar array of options for walls and floors but with the added addition of terrain pieces like the stairs at the side of the Mansion. You also get those very iconic blue roof sections which could be used to cap the top of some impressive buildings in your collection.

Finishing things off, there is also the rather impressive Gondor Tower where some brave souls have made their home to watch out for the oncoming enemy and perhaps shoot down as they advance. It does put you in Nazgul Fellbeast range though I'd say!

Gondor Tower - Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

Gondor Tower // Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

The folks who designed this said that they wanted this to be as big and impressive as possible and it seems like they have nailed that. It will be fun to see maybe a couple of kits used to make some towering beacons that could be mixed in with the other modular kits for the Ruins and Manor.

These kits are going to be coming out soon so if you're eager to explore more of the war in Gondor, this could be for you! I have enjoyed working on the terrain from Battle Of Osgiliath but it can be a bit fiddly at times. Once you've done one piece though, it does become a lot easier to play around with.

I am looking forward to seeing what folks do with this!

"Finishing things off, there is also the rather impressive Gondor Tower..."

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