Pagan Miniatures Take To Kickstarter With Sons Of Odin

February 26, 2020 by brennon

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Pagan Miniatures have teamed up with Lion Tower Miniatures to Kickstarter a band of Vikings as part of the Sons Of Odin project. Designed in 28/32mm they have been designed to work as a Fantasy force and an extra heroic Historical one too if you so desire.

Valhalla Pledge - Pagan Miniatures

So, as you can see, this drops in a rather impressive amount of options as part of a larger pledge. You can pick up smaller packs which give you access to less of these models but this was a good way to show off all of the different elements that they have available right now, more or less. A few folks will know the models from previous Lion Tower Miniatures projects but this gives you a good warband of Vikings plus the Vargar/Werewolves who are stepping up too.

Stretch Goals

In addition to the options presented above, the team are also looking towards a selection of different Stretch Goals too. They start off with a rather epic looking Shieldmaiden but for me the real goal would be to get to that Mountain Jotnunn stomping into the mix!

Stretch Goals - Pagan Miniatures

I look forward to seeing the stretch goals which have yet to be released too. With just over a week left on the campaign, there is still plenty of time to dive in and pick up a few of these extra miniatures to help bulk up your Viking warband.

Kickstarter Exclusive

As well as the options above there is also a Kickstarter Exclusive in the form of this partnership between a Shieldmaiden and Berserker.

Shieldmaiden & Berserker - Pagan Miniatures

Now that is a pair that I wouldn't want to face on the battlefield. I like that this would work as a little diorama/vignette as it stands but you could also split them up and use them as leaders in their own right. You could imagine these warriors being old veterans perhaps having seen the battlefield across the decades and now having to deal with pesky bandits in their hometown.

What do you make of this collection from Pagan Miniatures?

"What do you make of this collection from Pagan Miniatures?"

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