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Lion Tower Miniatures

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Mighty New Heroes Arrive Soon From Lion Tower Miniatures


Lion Tower Miniatures have been showing off some awesome characters coming your way in September.

Lion Tower Create Mystical & Martial Heroes For Wrathborn


Lion Tower Miniatures showed off two new models that will be coming out for Wrathborn soon.

Wrathborn Set To Unleash The Warg This Month


Wrathborn and Lion Tower Miniatures will be releasing their Warg for the Children Of Sha into the wilderness at the end of this month. 

Werewolves & Warriors Clash As Wrathborn Kickstarter Goes Live


Wrathborn, a new skirmish-level miniatures game, is now available on Kickstarter.

Monstrous Beasts Take Shape For The Fantasy World Of Wrathborn


Wrathborn was at the UK Games Expo this past weekend showing off one of the monstrous stretch goals that has been worked on by Lion Tower Miniatures for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Check out this Snow Troll!

Lion Tower Preview Sculpt For Wrathborn’s Shadow Stalker


The first of the female miniatures for Wrathborn, the Shadow Stalker, has been previewed by the sculptors at Lion Tower Miniatures. Take a peek at this new Lycanfiend model below.

Wrathborn’s Snarling Lycanfiend Alpha Takes Shape


Wrathborn has shown off the work of Lion Tower Miniatures who finished their Lycanfiend Alpha model, one of the faction leaders for their upcoming Fantasy game.

Lion Tower Opens Up Late Backer Options To Get Your RPG Heroes


Lion Tower Miniatures are almost ready for you to get your hands on some of their RPG Heroes for all manner of games.

Lion Tower Sculpt Final Models For Wrathborn’s Norndrassel


Lion Tower Miniatures have now finalised the models for Wrathborn's Norndrassel faction which will be coming to Kickstarter soon.

Wrathborn Continues Life With Lion Tower Miniatures


The world of Wrathborn continues its life as the game world comes under the wing of Lion Tower Miniatures going forward.

What Are Your Thoughts On Lion Tower’s Stalwart Paladin?


Lion Tower Miniatures completed their awesome Fantasy Adventurers Kickstarter a few months ago and The Hairy Painter is sculpting up one of their heroes

Go Adventuring With Lion Tower’s Heroic Warriors & Wizards


Lion Tower Miniatures are now on Kickstarter looking for funding for their new range of Human Adventurers for use in Dungeons & Dragons and beyond. Standing at 32mm scale and cast in resin they are looking like a fine bunch of heroes.

Lion Tower Miniatures Look Towards A Heroic Kickstarter


Launching on February 24th, Lion Tower Miniatures are going to be hitting Kickstarter with a range of 32mm scale resin Adventurers.

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