Paranoid Miniatures Breaks Down A Molly Miniature To Show Off Details

December 23, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

We're getting far enough down the line in the development of the Mythos production that Paranoid Miniatures has given us a great look at exactly what the components of one of their minis looks like, so you can get a feel for how it will go together.

PM molly mini

Molly is the first for us to see like this, and I think she looks brilliant. A nice a clean sculpt, with plenty of details and just the right amount of parts to make her look dynamic.

PM Molly sculpt1

In this most recent image released of the Molly you can now see what was once a complete miniature, split down by design into its component parts. Raul has done a great job of carrying on their belief of trying to deliver a stunning product for the gamers.

To help with this, he has produced two joint types based on the limb and connection types, including a small circular locating spigot to help.

Of course, all this will come down to how good the final miniatures come out but they are confident in their production company and the level of quality they produce.

PM Molly sculpt2

I'm getting more and more excited about seeing Mythos come together as we're seeing the minis coming together. Next up for sculpting are the Cultists, and I can't wait to see what they do with them.

What do you think of the detail they've captured with Molly?

"Next up for sculpting are the Cultists, and I can't wait to see what they do with them..."

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