Wreck Age: Post-Collapse Vehicle Kits Drop On Kickstarter From Hyacinth

March 20, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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Wreck Age is a post-collapse 28mm skirmish game and narrative RPG set 500 years in the future, hundreds of years after a total societal collapse.

WA car1

We are now in the midst of The Resurgence, where pockets of society are just beginning to re-establish themselves, and how better to secure your foothold in the new society than in the command of some epic vehicles!

WA cars1

Our friends from Hyacinth Games are back on Kickstarter with their Wreck Age: Post-Collapse Vehicle Kits. That's right - now you can cover ground faster, with the weapons and protection you stand a better chance at success.

WA motocycle1

This project features a base three cars with all sorts of transportation ready in the wings from stretch goals. The motorcycle rider is already ready as an add-on, and there's plenty more silhouettes ready to unlock.

WA vehicles ks2

Gianna and I will make sure we get a chat with Anton and Matt at Adepticon this weekend and have them tell us more about this awesome project.

Will your post-apocalyptic group be adding some vehicles to navigate the wasteland?

"The motorcycle rider is already ready as an add-on, and there's plenty more silhouettes ready to unlock..."

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