Fancy Art Drops For Purgatory Showing The Mighty Harut

July 19, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

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A gorgeous piece of artwork was dropped on Purgatory's page today from Underestimated Games. The legendary Harut, raining down his cosmic powers onto the war on Earth.

UE Harut

Harut is the Pegataur host of Parlour Tricks and one of the two single most gifted magicians known to mankind. I cannot wait to see his model! 3 months out from their Kickstarter, and these guys are turning up the heat!

UE parlour tricks

The story of Harut...

It was the second and last time a God had stood upon the Earth. Before him knelt two sons, head bowed, brothers equal. As the God drew near, one raised his head, sorrow in his eyes, the other with fear in his heart.

The God spoke, though none witnessed words that were lost on the winds and sands of a desolate place. One pleaded, one remained still. Their judgement reached, their wings were shorn. Their path to the Heavens closed indefinitely. As both cried out in anguish the God departed with a mournful sigh, barely perceptible against the rushing wind.

This is the story of Harut and of Marut. The founders. The guides. The cursed.

As mankind crawled from the infancy of creation, the most trusted of the gods were dispatched to earth, to guide, teach and nurture mankind. To bring about prosperity and comprehension.

They taught the written word, the power of true speech, magics and the cosmos. Both embraced their duty and mankind leapt into a great and golden age of enlightenment.

Though mankind was a lure. A shiny bauble capable of ensnaring the most devout. Marut fell, ensorcelled by the love of one most impure, Lileath, breaker of Heavens.

Marut and Lileath lay and from them spilled forth the Nephillim, a unholy union between the created and creator.

When judgement came, it was grave indeed and whilst Marut wailed and cast accusations at his maker, Harut was sanguine, for whilst innocent entirely, he was complicit by his knowledge and inability to sway his headstrong brother.

As the scalding sand whipped around their form, cauterising their wounds, Marut fled further into the desert in despair. Cursing those responsible, his fate unknown.

Harut went back to man, using his personal suffering to warn and guide mankind on to the righteous path and the pitfalls of folly. Becoming a nomad, a traveller, he roamed the ends of the earth continuing his work unabated.

When passing through the path of the penitent man in Oman, Michael, greatest of all the angels appeared before him and said:

"I come to you now, on the wings of sorrow and remorse. I know not the power to restore you, but I can remake you anew if you have within your pained heart the love to trust me, as a brother, as you once did."

Spreading his arms, vindicated by his commitment to the true path, light engulfed Harut. His form shifting behind the blinding corona. When the light faded before Michael stood a Pegataur. Harut's torso, fused with that of a Pegasus, wings resplendent, shimmering against the fading light of the setting sun.

"Come brother, you have served and you are welcome home once again... "

When the time comes, where will your allegiance lie in the War for Heaven in Purgatory?

"Harut is the Pegataur host of Parlour Tricks and one of the two single most gifted magicians known to mankind..."

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