Pick Up Red Bard Games’ Ace Oldhammer Dwarf Reinforcements!

October 27, 2023 by brennon

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Red Bard Games are back with another Kickstarter campaign continuing to build on their awesome Oldhammer style 28mm Fantasy miniatures for use in games akin to Warhammer Fantasy Battles. This time, we're seeing the Dwarves get some awesome reinforcements!

Dwarf Reinforcements - Red Bard Games

Dwarf Reinforcements // Red Bard Games

This Kickstarter breaks down into a few different parts starting with the Boar Riders. There are two options for the Boar Riders with a Command element leading the way...

Boar Rider Command - Red Bard Games

Boar Rider Command // Red Bard Games

...and the Boar Riders themselves. All of the miniatures are armed with a variety of fun weapons including axes, maces flails and and they come suitably armoured for a clash on the battlefield. The designs are distinctly Oldhammer but with a modern twist to them which makes them clean and crisp.

Boar Riders - Red Bard Games

Boar Riders // Red Bard Games

As well as the awesome Boar Riders, thundering across the tabletop as your new cavalry option, you can also get yourself the Dwarf Flying Ship which is a wonderful feat of engineering.

Dwarf Flying Ship - Red Bard Games

Dwarf Flying Ship // Red Bard Games

An absolutely amazing miniature which showcases a swashbuckling Dwarf Captain and his shipmates taking to the skies and protecting their Dwarven allies on the battlefield with some fearsome guns mounted in the hull. Rather than having to find yourself a good hill to perch on at the back of the battlefield, you could instead hover in the clouds and take pot shots at those units that thought themselves safe.

Last but not least, you can also get your hands on this wonderful Kickstarter Exclusive Dwarf riding on the back of their boar.

Kickstarter Exclusive Dwarf - Red Bard Games

Kickstarter Exclusive Dwarf // Red Bard Games

You could use this fellow as one of your leader figures in your army, mounted on the back of a stern boar. I really like that the armour and the helmet mirrors the mount and I can already tell that there are some stories to be told about this fellow.

All of the miniatures that you get as part of the Kickstarter are provided in 3D printed resin to a high quality. All of your rewards will be physical so don't worry about ending up with STL files that you can't use! Additionally, this campaign has a rather open take on pledges where you simply choose the sets you want and pledge the right amount for them. A nice pick-and-mix of Dwarves!

Will you be checking out this campaign?

"A nice pick-and-mix of Dwarves!"

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