New Star Elves & Beastfolk For Warploque’s July Patreon

July 2, 2021 by brennon

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Warploque Miniatures revealed their newest releases for their Patreon this week. July brings more 28/32mm and 10mm miniatures for you to print off at home. There is a nice mix of Fantasy miniatures for those who enjoy a bit of 3D Printing.

July 2021 - Warploque Miniatures

July 2021 // Warploque Miniatures

The newest selection of miniatures would be fun for those looking to build up a new warband for one of many, many different Fantasy games. When you include the Star Elven Host alongside the other miniatures that Warploque have created, you've got quite the selection of Fantasy warriors now!

The Star Eleven Host - Warploque Miniatures

The Star Eleven Host // Warploque Miniatures

I really like the miniatures that they've created and the Warploque aesthetic is right up my street. You've got some classic Elven weapons on display here with spears and bows at the ready. The leader with her dragon is also very epic.

As well as the 28/32mm offerings, we also have some more releases for the Beastfolk Clan.

10mm Beastfolk Clan - Warploque Miniatures JULY

10mm Beastfolk Clan // Warploque Miniatures

This new set of miniatures come on strips or separately and give you more ranged options. You'll be able to sling stones and fire arrows at your approaching enemies. You can also call on the power of a new spellcaster and some lumbering trolls too.

If you're seeking to put together a new Fantasy army for the likes of Warmaster or Irregular Wars then you might want to snap these up.

What do you think of their July offerings?

"The leader with her dragon is also very epic..."

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