Teclis & His Aelves Return In A Flash Of Light For Age Of Sigmar

January 24, 2020 by brennon

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As well as the news for Warhammer 40,000 we also had the reveals for Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar too by Games Workshop. Teclis has made his way back into the Mortal Realms in style at the head of the Lumineth Realm-lords.

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A lot of the basics of the High Elf race have been covered and we'll look at that in a little bit but first off we have some of the characters coming your way. We begin with Teclis himself who is part of yet another absolutely massive model kit.

Teclis & Celennar - Age Of Sigmar

Have fun taking that from game-to-game. The model is pretty spectacular but by Sigmar, it is going to be a rather complicated model to actually use. It seems like Teclis and Alarielle share their fascination with large creatures joining them in battle and Teclis here is joined by Celennar, Spirit of Hysh. It will be very interesting to learn more about these sphinx-like creatures in future updates.

As well as Teclis we also have a bit more of a mild-mannered hero and yet still quite the feat of sculpting. Here is The Light Of Eltharion which we can only imagine is the grim warrior himself brought back to some semblance of life within the Mortal Realms.

Eltharion - Age Of Sigmar

As you'll have no doubt noticed whilst looking at the model, they have managed to make it so the armour looks hollow, a ghostly warrior whose spirit still fights on thanks to the light of his god. There are a few questions about Teclis as a model but this is pretty amazing.

A Legion Of Light

As well as the characters above we also got to see some of the rank and file that will make up the Lumineth Realm-lords army. First up we have the Vanari Auralan Wardens.

Vanari Auralan Wardens - Age Of Sigmar

With plenty of callbacks to the original High Elf Spearmen in their design, these are some pretty awesome looking miniatures. I really like the little nudges towards Greek designs across their armour and as a whole, they seem to encapsulate that martial prowess that we know flows through the Aleven race.

As well as the Vanari Auralan Wardens we also have the Vanari Dawnriders who bring mounted combat options into the mix.

Vanari Dawnriders - Age Of Sigmar

Again, there are nods and winks back to the original High Elf cavalry options here from the Old World but they have also been given a dose of dynamism to make sure they fit into the more cinematic world of Age Of Sigmar. I really like these, and I didn't think I'd be saying that about some filthy Elgi!

Seraphon Support

As well as the Lumineth Realm-lords we also got word that the Seraphon are going to be getting themselves a new Battletome.

Seraphon Battletome - Age Of Sigmar

That is not all though as these warriors of good, looking to restore order across the Mortal Realms in their own terrifying way, also got themselves a new terrain piece for you to check out. This temple crackles with magical energy and is going to be quite the reservoir for the Slann to draw from.

Seraphon Temple - Age Of Sigmar

The new Battletome is meant to explore a lot more about the Seraphon as a race and how they came to have arrived in the Mortal Realms from the World-That-Was. It also will delve into how they are turning into the Coalesced. Whatever that means, I'm sure it will have consequences!

Rotbringers Return

As well as all of the news for these mighty armies we also got a peek at a new warband for Warhammer Underworlds. Here we have The Wurmspat, a band of three Rotbringers who are seeking out fame and glory against their foes.

The Wurmspat - Age Of Sigmar

Again, I think the models they have been working on here look really fun and Warhammer Underworlds has given the folks in their design department a chance to really stretch their wings and do something different with their designs. We are getting little windows into the wider world of the Mortal Realms and it might even become a way for you to be inspired to take these characters and turn them into a larger fighting force.

Sorcerer Fecula Flyblown leads two Putrid Blightkings and I'm sure they will wreak havoc across the Mortal Realms soon enough.

Phew. So, what did you make of all of that?!

"So, what did you make of all of that?!"

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