Ten Days Left For Dragon’s Forge 3D Printing Kickstarter

October 20, 2021 by brennon

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Dragon's Forge Miniatures are closing in on the last ten days of their Kickstarter which looks to bring their online tools and 3D Printing service to life. The campaign has been funded and the team are now unlocking Stretch Goals.

Stretch Goals - Dragons Forge Miniatures

Stretch Goals // Dragon's Forge Miniatures

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As it stands, the team and those funding the campaign have unlocked the monks and their various options and accessories. They have also unlocked the addition of 54mm miniatures to their service at launch which is pretty neat for those who want to print off some new painting projects for display.

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More Stretch Goals are close and they will unlock harlequins, barbarians, thieves and more. I was particularly drawn to the alternative option for Thrax Paintmaster and the 5th Edition compatible adventure written by Gav Thorpe.

Pledge Options

For those who missed out on what the campaign is all about, here is a little bit of a rundown on it all.

The Process - Dragons Forge Miniatures

The Process // Dragon's Forge Miniatures

The idea behind Dragon's Forge Miniatures is that they take bespoke figures and then give you options that have been specifically crafted to match that particular character. So, unlike other services which build up a miniature from the ground up, this has been designed by sculptors to give you lots of dynamic items, effects, weapons and accessories which won't clip through the figure and fit the design nicely.

Pledge Options - Dragons Forge Miniatures

Pledge Options // Dragon's Forge Miniatures

There are lots of different options for you to choose from which will allow you to get access to different miniatures, ingots (which are used to buy files and print miniatures) and more.

3D Printed Examples

If you're interested in how the actual prints come out you can see some of the test prints below...

Standard Prints - Dragons Forge Miniatures

Standard Prints // Dragon's Forge Miniatures

Premium Quality Prints - Dragons Forge Miniatures

Premium Quality Prints // Dragon's Forge Miniatures

Master Quality Prints - Dragons Forge Miniatures

Master Quality Prints // Dragon's Forge Miniatures

They all look rather nice and from what they've announced on their Kickstarter, the 3D Printers are all fired up and ready to start printing miniatures later this year. They've already been teasing more miniatures that will be popping up in November. They are also working towards a Patreon too!

Are you going to be checking out this Kickstarter?

"...the 3D Printers are all fired up and ready to start printing miniatures later this year"

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