Unleash The Joker With New Batman Miniature Game Releases

September 26, 2022 by brennon

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Knight Models has released a host of new releases for the Batman Miniature Game and also the DC Miniature Game. We start with Batman and a 10th Anniversary miniature from the team showcasing the deadly clown facing off against Robin.

The Joker - 10th Anniversary Edition - Knight Models

The Joker - 10th Anniversary Edition // Knight Models

This version of The Joker is inspired by the Death In The Family storyline where an unfortunate Jason Todd is killed by The Joker in an act of savagery and brutality. The miniature diorama/vignette certainly shows off this intense moment in a lot of detail and is probably going to be a favourite for a lot of Batman fans.

Keeping with the theme of The Joker, we also have two additional sets that might be worth adding to your gang of criminals. You can pick up a pack of Street Jesters and Gas Puppets to throw at heroes to keep them bogged down and out of The Joker's schemes.

Street Jesters - Knight Models

Street Jesters // Knight Models

Gas Puppets - Knight Models

Gas Puppets // Knight Models

It's always nice to have more options when it comes to filling out your different gangs and giving them a unique twist. I particularly like the Gas Puppets as they look absolutely wild and I think they would be fun in a scenario where you had to "deal with them" and make sure a cure gets into their system.

Batman might need some aid as well and that comes in the form of the earnest Alfred Pennyworth.

Alfred Pennyworth - Knight Models

Alfred Pennyworth // Knight Models

I don't imagine this version of Alfred is going to be having a pop at someone with the aid of a cricket bat but he has prepared his master's cowl and cape. He will also be there when things go badly and Batman needs patching up. A great miniature for those liking the idea of building interesting dioramas and vignettes. It would be cool to see one of an un-caped Batman striding towards Alfred before he heads down to the Batcave.

Last but not least for the Batman Miniature Game, we have Calculator!

Calculator - Knight Models

Calculator // Knight Models

This computer genius has access to some high-tech equipment and is able to mess with technology. So, all of those gadgets that Batman brings to bear might end up being a bit useless. He might look like a bit of an idiot but you would do well to keep an eye on him.

DC Miniature Game Releases

Stepping into the wider world of DC, we have the mighty Atrocitus, Lord Of Rage leading the way for the Red Lanterns.

Atrocitus Lord Of Rage - Knight Models

Atrocitus, Lord Of Rage // Knight Models

With a name like Atrocitus and a pile of sulls under his feet, you know he's going to be bad. Driven by hate, Atrocitus is the leader of the Red Lanterns and would be a worthy adversary to throw against the Green Lanterns either in the depths of space or here on Earth.

Supergirl & Guy Gardner - Knight Models

Supergirl & Guy Gardner // Knight Models

He can be joined by Supergirl and Guy Gardner who have thrown their lot in with the Red Lanterns when things go bad. When Guy Gardner gets and he harnesses the power of the green and red rings to seek revenge against those who have wronged him.

Supergirl also does her time with the Red Lanterns which seems like a pretty big deal! With her strength and power given a boost by the red ring, it seems like Superman might have a mess to clean up when he finds out what has been going on!

Are you tempted by these new DC-focused releases from Knight Models?

"Keeping with the theme of The Joker, we also have two additional sets that might be worth adding to your gang of criminals..."

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