Titandeath Expansion & Wild Blood Bowl Players On The Horizon

January 7, 2019 by brennon

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We did mention that the Games Workshop news was going to be spread out a bit today so we're back with some Adeptus Titanicus and Blood Bowl sneak peeks starting with Titandeath, a new expansion for Adeptus Titanicus.

Adeptus Titanicus Titan Death - Games Workshop

In this expansion to Adeptus Titanicus, you'll be marching into the conflict over Beta-Garmon with new rules for customising and personalising your Titans. You'll also find new lore, maps, scenarios and all sorts thrown into the mix for those who love expanding upon their collection.

New alternative equipment for said Titans is also going to be part of the mix as you can see here with this Reaver.

Reaver Alternate - Games Workshop

It looks so old school and weird, and yet brilliant at the same time. I keep getting a whiff of the old Epic from the models when I see these Titans and I already know a lot of people who are picking up small-scale armies to use alongside their Titans.

Blood Bowl Wackiness

As fun as Adeptus Titanicus is, I was more drawn to the cool looking new toys coming to Blood Bowl. It looks like Forge World are going to be working on some more teammates for the Orcs and Goblins out there with the Contraptions set.

Goblin Contraptions - Games Workshop

Apart from the classic pogo stick, there's also some fun toys here with that crazy 'copter and what I can only assume a weapon sent by the Weirdboyz of Warhammer 40,000.

If you fancy something a bit heftier to throw at the opponent and yet probably still as unreliable, they've also been working on a new Troll too.

Troll - Games Workshop

I like the classic look to this Troll and the leg as a weapon speaks to the vicious nature of the game. Whilst a Troll might seem like a fun prospect for your Blood Bowl team though, remember they are dumb as hell and will most likely spend a lot of the time just scratching their heads!

Just to freak you out, this is one of the players being put forth for selection if you play as Chaos and the Nurgle Rotters.

Rotspawn - Games Workshop

I can't see this fellow being particularly fast, but I imagine when it comes to blocking the path this fellow is one hell of a linesman. I'd also stay away from the weird goo dripping out of its tail too...eww.

Are you playing much Blood Bowl at the moment?

"Are you playing much Blood Bowl at the moment?"

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