Torch & Shield! Grimskald’s New Dwarven Miniatures Game

September 19, 2023 by brennon

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Folks might know that I am quite partial to a Dwarf or two. With that in mind, it certainly seems like a good idea to have Grimskald's Torch & Shield on your radar if you're looking for a dungeon-delving miniatures game of Dwarven clans battling in the ruins of a mountain fortress!

Torch & Shield Gameplay - Grimskald

Torch & Shield Gameplay // Grimskald

Torch & Shield has you taking control of a Dwarven Clan and fighting across dungeon tiles rather than a traditional battlefield. The game itself is miniatures agnostic so you can bring along your favourite miniatures but you can also pick up a bunch of Grimskald's miniatures if you prefer.

Torch & Shield Brewhouse Bash - Grimskald

Torch & Shield - Brewhouse Bash Terrain // Grimskald

You could find all sorts of terrain from a variety of creators out there but there are also 2D Print And Play versions of the dungeon tiles that are going to be available from Grimskald. Gameplay-wise, Torch & Shield has been made so that it can either be a tactically deep experience or just a bit of "beer & pretzels" fun. This is certainly going to be the case when you get six players around the tabletop!

Torch & Shield Gameplay #1 - Grimskald

Torch & Shield Gameplay // Grimskald

Torch & Shield can also be played in a variety of modes. You can either play against another opponent or you can dive in and play some cooperative scenarios with your friends against the AI of the monsters (or another Dwarven clan). Cooperative play also means you can play the game solo and get stuck into some dungeon delves of your own, facing down the deadly horrors that lurk in the depths!

Torch & Shield Gameplay #2 - Grimskald

Torch & Shield Gameplay // Grimskald

If you're interested in learning more about the gameplay of Torch & Shield, you can check out the Brewery Bash Battle Report which was posted by the Grimskald team over on their website HERE. In this piece, they showed off the different Dwarven crews they made and also walked through a full encounter.

Brickbeards Lads - Torch & Shield

Brickbeard's Lads // Torch & Shield

Bjorns Cohort - Torch & Shield

Bjorn's Cohort // Torch & Shield

As you can see, there is a lot of depth when it comes to how you equip your different Dwarves and the direction that you want to take your crew. Do you go for an elite force of heavily armoured warriors that are focused on close combat or do you take the ranged approach and see if you can pick off your foes from range?

The Grimskald Blog is a pretty good place to go and learn more about the game too once you've finished with that Brewery Bash! Make sure to check out their Demo Guide as well!

Torch & Shield is going to be coming to Kickstarter soon and will feature digital options as well as physical ones when it comes to the rules. You'll also be able to get a plastic box of Dwarves from a clan of your choice alongside a bunch of 3D Printed dungeon tiles which you can use to set up your encounters. There will even be monsters for you to face!

If you prefer the 3D Printing side of things, you can get yourself digital Add-Ons as well including a pack for the Dwarves and Monsters as well as the Dungeon Tiles. So, plenty of options!

Could you be tempted by Grimskald when it hits Kickstarter?

"...a dungeon-delving miniatures game of Dwarven clans battling in the ruins of a mountain fortress!"

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