Warcry’s Splintered Fang & What Awaits For Age Of Sigmar

May 13, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop was not about to let Age Of Sigmar fall by the wayside during Warhammer Fest 2019. The big news from them was that Warcry is slated for an appearance this summer and we got a look at The Splintered Fang tribe.

The Splintered Fang herald from the Realm Of Life and embrace the use of plenty of snakes and poison in their endeavours.

Splintered Fang #2 - Games Workshop

This warband show another side to the forces of Chaos. Whilst most of them do like smashing people into bits with big weapons some prefer to take a subtle approach, employing cunning and tactics in order to overcome the foes of the Dark Gods.

We're getting a really cool look the different aesthetics that the various tribes employ with a lot more curves and such thrown into the mix here with The Splintered Fang.

Splintered Fang #3 - Games Workshop

Everything is also brighter too! It's nice to see a Chaos force (other than Tzeentch of course) which includes an extra splash of colour. They still look recognisably 'evil' too which is really good to see.

Splintered Fang #4 - Games Workshop

Much like we saw a Duardin mixed in with the Iron Golems during their preview we're also seeing some of the other races falling to Chaos here too. Check out the Aelf that has decided that his life is better spent in service of the Dark Gods.

Splintered Fang #1 - Games Workshop

This all helps people get a better image into their heads of exactly what the Mortal Realms is like as a place. When the game first launched it was a little like stumbling through a jumble of ideas. Now we're getting a clearer picture of the people, places and more that we're exploring on the tabletop.

Games Workshop also put together a live action trailer to celebrate the upcoming release of Warcry.

I'm actually really looking forward to what they do with Warcry going forward as it could be the entry point for many more people to start enjoying Age Of Sigmar with a narrative slant.

Warhammer Underworlds Sneak Peek

As well as the news about Warcry we also got a sneak preview of one of the new creatures that will be joining an upcoming warband for Warhammer Underworlds.

Warhammer Underworlds Teaser - Games Workshop

We were tasked with them working out what force this fellow serves. The base looks like it could be something Aelf-like so perhaps we're going to see something suitable for those once known as the High Elves in Warhammer Fantasy? It would be cool to see the White Lions Of Chrace coming back in some form or another.

Age Of Sigmar In 2019

As well as the news for these smaller games there will also be a new General's Handbook for this year soon.

Generals Handbook 2019 - Games Workshop

Whilst not essential for the game since the rules and profiles are free for Age Of Sigmar the General's Handbook offers up new ways to play the game and points for use in matched play.

This new book will continue to provide all that you're used to with scenarios, rules and all sorts for the three different modes of play. Some of the big changes, however, come in the form of narratively themed Mercenary Companies that allow you to mix up armies and the Meeting Engagements rules.

Meeting Engagements is a competitive/tournament styled set of scenarios which lower the points requirement to around 1000 meaning that you can get gaming in a competitive sense much quicker than before.

I could see this being awesome for people wanting to dip their toe into competitive play without having to work towards the higher 2000 point mark.

Everything sounds very good on the Age Of Sigmar front!

"It would be cool to see the White Lions Of Chrace coming back in some form or another..."

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