Werewolves & Twisted Rashaar Stalk The Streets Of Carnevale

November 3, 2023 by brennon

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TTCombat have been showing off two more boxed sets that you can get your hands on for use in Carnevale. Leading the way, we have my favourite of the two sets but that might be because it contains freckin' werewolves! See what you make of the Lunar Congregation for the Strigoi.

Lunar Congregation - Carnevale

Lunar Congregation // Carnevale

The Romani of Carnevale have been able to use the curses that they can invoke to their advantage as they look to battle against their kins. Inside the set, you get the deadly Varcolac and the Moon Eater, storming across cobbles in a mess of muscular rage.

Lunar Congregation Miniatures - Carnevale

Lunar Congregation Miniatures // Carnevale

The set comes with some stunning 32mm resin Werewolves that have been sculpted really nicely. I like the way that the proportions have been worked on both of these snarling beasts and they look suitably brutal, ready to rend and tear their way through their enemies.

This set also coms with the Al Naibii who is an unfortunate who has been gifted the Blood Kiss. The conversion to a Vampire is inevitable but the Romani have tried to stave this off as long as possible. Still, this curse can become its own weapon and the latent power within these souls can be used to great effect before the end comes.

Hail Hydra!

If you prefer gifts from the strange eldritch beings that dwell in the gaps in reality then how about the Daughters Of The Hydra?

Daughters Of The Hydra - Carnevale

Daughters Of The Hydra // Carnevale

Whilst these small Kraken, raised by the Rashaar might seem insignificant, they are still a threat. Those who are tied to Mother Hydra will find themselves looking after these Infant Kraken like they would their own children and that's what you get when the Wet Nurse stalks across the tabletop. She protects them from harm like her own babes whilst also lashing out at those that would harm them.

Daughters Of The Hydra Miniatures - Carnevale

Daughters Of The Hydra Miniatures // Carnevale

As well as the Wet Nurse, you also have the unfortunate Krakenhost that has essentially become a vehicle for the Kraken to move around the city. As the Kraken grows, the host starts to stretch and warp before eventually they burst and the fully grown and very deadly beast spills forth onto the cobbles. Gross but awesome!

Will you be picking up either of these sets for Carnevale?

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