Wolverine & Sabretooth Fight It Out In New Marvel: Crisis Protocol Set

September 22, 2022 by brennon

More Mutants are on the way for Atomic Mass Games' Marvel: Crisis Protocol! The Asmodee webstore revealed a few new sets that are available for pre-order right now ahead of a release later in the year. We start with another Rivals Panel and the clash between Wolverine and Sabretooth.

Rivals Panel Weapon X Program - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Rivals Panel - Weapon X Program // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

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This new Rivals Panel offers up a big piece of scenic terrain alongside two alternative versions of characters from the Crisis Protocol range. Here, you get Wolverine and Sabretooth who have met up in the snowy mountains to duke it out in front of a Weapon X facility.

Wolverine Vs Sabertooth - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Wolverine Vs Sabretooth // Marvel Crisis: Protocol

You get Wolverine in his civvies and Sabretooth lunging out of the wood to do some serious damage. I don't think this would be complete without the addition of Wolverine's motorbike. I am just waiting for one of them to pick this up and throw it at the other.

Weapon X Facility - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Weapon X Facility // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

This is obviously a big chunky piece that would be great for making a themed tabletop. It could also be used as a neat way of setting up and showing off your miniatures when you're not playing with them. I think the sculpts for Wolverine and Sabretooth are looking ok but I wouldn't say that they have blown me away. There's something about the detail on the faces that feels a bit lacklustre for me. Still, this is a fun set if you're a big fan of these characters and the X-Men.

The Blob & Pyro!

In an attempt to perhaps try and recreate more of the scenes from the X-Men movies, there is also another fun set that is popping up. Add The Blob & Pyro into your games for a bit of added chaos.

The Blob & Pyro - Marvel Crisis Protocol

The Blob & Pyro // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

With the Brotherhood Of Mutants often needing some extra support against the X-Men, these might be some fun additions to your collection. I'm sure Magneto can control their wild side and at least point them in the right direction when the enemy is around.

The Blob - Marvel Crisis Protocol

The Blob // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Pyro - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Pyro // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

There is, of course, nothing stopping you from using these alongside the X-Men or the rest of the Crisis Protocol range if you wanted to do some interesting alternative team-ups.

Uncanny X-Men Affiliation Pack

Last but not least, we have a collection of characters in one place that could be used to make a ready-to-go squad of superheroes for your games of Crisis Protocol.

Uncanny X-Men Affiliation Pack - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Uncanny X-Men Affiliation Pack // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Inside this set, you'll get all of the heavy hitters from the X-Men with Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm and Beast. Use these and their tactics cards to form a tight-knit team that will be able to stand up against Magneto and whatever the US government has to throw at Mutant kind. I do like these sets as they are a good way for someone new to the game to get themed teams! We saw this in the past with Asgard and the like which was neat.

Are you tempted by these new X-Men sets?

"You get Wolverine in his civvies and Sabretooth lunging out of the wood to do some serious damage..."

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