Wood Elf Reinforcements In 10mm From Printing In Detail

July 7, 2020 by avernos

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Printing In Detail have a new batch of releases for July available for their 10mm Wood Elf range.  If you haven't seen them before Printing in Detail have a commercial license to produce miniatures from Forest Dragon's Patreon.

Wood Elf Sorcerer Riding Hawk // Printed In Detail

This means that you don't need to have to buy a 3D printer and become proficient with it simply to get your hands on a gorgeous 10mm Wood Elf army for the tabletop. So let's take a look at what July has brought forth from the forests.

The first up is a monstrous hawk, or rather a pair with two different riders. This is a great hero option and can be used to transport your spellcaster to where it is needed the most or if you plump for the noble it's a bit of extra punch to travel with your fast-moving troops like the cavalry or your fliers. Both of the miniatures have some terrific detail on them for 10mm stopping short of being too intricate that wouldn't translate well into the smaller scale.

The Sorceress casting an arc of magical energy gives painters a chance to throw some bright colours onto the elf and make them stand out another nice feature is that the mount is different for both so they don't just look like a reused blank and give you a diverse range of sculpts on the tabletop, the little touch of the armour on the Noble's mount reinforces their different roles on the battlefield.

Wood Elf General Riding Giant Eagle // Printed In Detail

Alongside the two new mounted heroes are two units of flying cavalry in the form of giant hawks and giant hawks with riders. These do use the same mounts but obviously one set comes with elf pilots to steer them in the right direction for maximum damage.

Wood Elf Hawks // Printed In Detail

Whether you choose to pick up the riderless version or go the whole hog and get the elven hawk riders these are a magnificent set of three miniatures. As with the heroic mounts they use trees rather than flying stands, which gives them more of a Wood Elf theme and also makes them very secure, although I'm sure you could remove them if you fancy a couple of units and want to throw a few clear flight stands in for them.

The hawks come in three poses in flight, swooping in for a shot and with talons extended ready to rend into a foe and I think they are beautiful. The elves are armed with bows and there is both a spear-wielder and one with a sword held aloft, either of which you could use as a leader if the system you are playing requires it.


Wood Elf Archer Regiment // Printing In Detail

Moving away from the flocking birds we have two units of foot troops for the elf warhost. The first of which are probably the quintessential unit when people imagine elves. The archer regiment is made from twelve pairs of elves which have three pairs that are command parts and then at least six different pairs of regular archers from what I can see. That is an insane amount of individual sculpts in a 10mm regiment and kudos to Forest Dragon for taking the time to do that.

The other unit to get hit with the miniaturisation beam is a Blade Dancer regiment. There are less sculpts for this unit, but what there are in the two strips of Blade Dancers are more than good enough for the anarchic look of the dancing elven nutters. A shout out has to be made to the pair in the demon makes in particular. This is not a unit you want to come across in the half-light of a forest.

Wood Elf Blade Dancers // Printed In Detail

So after the second month of Forest Dragon's Patreon, there is a nice spread of infantry, cavalry and heroes. While they are generic wood elf 10mm if you're planning on using them in Warmaster the packs are perfect for the three base unit it works off, add to that they perfectly fit specific unit types that are in the Warmaster list I get the feeling that I know where Forest Dragon is going next month at which point the standard 10mm list is complete so it will be very interesting to see where they go after that, more elves or something else?

What do you think is missing from the Wood Elf Host?

"What do you think is missing from the Wood Elf Host?"

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